Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Birthday Boy!

Wow where have the past two years gone?  I can't believe my little boy turned 2 today!  He's is quite the character... he can at times drive me crazy, he loves to spill all the bathtub water out onto the carpet.  Loves to leave his Hot Wheels laying around so I can step on them and break my neck!  When I am finally done cleaning up the mess he made in one area, he is so sweet to have a fresh one for me to pick up in another area!  He has a bad habit (courtesy of the teens) of telling me to Shut Up when I scold him or put him in time out.  My 12 year old Rio, tells her big brother Christian the 16 year old to SHUT UP when he is getting on her nerves so Jude picked that lovely saying up!  But he is learning to not do it, and that it's not nice.  He likes to count to 10 to me, loves it when I sing the ABC, and California Gurlz by Katie Perry songs!  He's a rascal, when I try to brush his hair and put on his PJs he's bouncing on the bed so I can't do it!  All in all he's a 2 year old, and now it's official right?  But if you look close, but not too close or you will be trapped like me, that smile... well that smile melts me and all is forgiven when he's being a rascal!

Happy Birthday my sweet Jude mom and daddy love you!

Is that cake yummy or what?  Hubby came home from work and started pulling out all the stuff to make it himself!  Such a sweet daddy!  

Before Jude was put to bed he said, "Quew Quew Birday Kick Daddy" which meant Thank you for the Birthday Cake Daddy!  Asked for a hug and then said "Night Night Yuv Yoo!"

Christian 16, Jude 2, Rio 12

 He was concentrating really hard to blow those out!

Ummmm cake! I think the Owl on his apron wants some too!


Andrea C said...

he is one gorgeous little guy, cake looks yummy looks like he had a great day, my lil one will be 2 in Jan doesn't time fly!! x

Basement Stamper said...

Happy Birthday Jude!

Rosa Witten said...

So cute Betty, you are blessed to have a great family! Happy Birthday Jude!

chrilvian said...

happy birthday
ooooo the 2.....hhhhm i know! its two and is say no,no,no

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little devil he is! Happy, happy birthday, Jude!

Lelia Pierce said...

You have a good lookin' family, for sure, Betty! Happy Birthday, little Jude!!!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Jude!!! He is so cuteeeee. You have great looking kids and Christian an Rio look so happy helping Jude celebrate his
2nd birthday!!

FitterTwit said...

OMGosh... how cute is he!!??!! Thanx for the comment on the nail art... you are hysterical!!! :D

Trina said...

Oh, how adorable!

Nancy said...

awwwww.....look at that little cutie patootie...Happy Belated Jude....and just let me say, you have 3 beautiful children girlie...great photos....miss ya tons...hugs my friend!!!!


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