Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Latinas en America Retro 23

Hola amigas!  Bienvenidas a Latinas en America Retro 23!  Hoy les tenemos una combinacion de colores:

Hello friends!  Welcome to Latinas en America challenge #23!  Today we have a color combo:

Bien simple verdad?  Solo usar esos colores en sus proyectos!

Pretty simple right?  Just use those colors in your projects!

Aqui esta mi tarjeta usando estampas de Simply B Stamps

Here is my card using Simply B Stamps

House of User 

Espero les guste mi tarjeta de hoy!  Mucha suerte participando en nuestro Reto #23!

I hope you like my card for today.  Good luck participating in our Challenge #23!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a Little Munster running around the beach...

Hooray!  It's release day, blog hop day, and meet our new little Munster day!

Welcome to our blog hop!  We have loads of fun in store with this little guy!  You have probably made your way here from Barbara's blog and I bid you welcome!  Of course as usual the complete list is below if you found your way here on your own and because you are an awesome follower! 

Off we go to meet our new Teen Scene Character...

Why it's JUDE who else!

Just like his daddy, he's got his little bolts, and forehead scar, but what a cutie no?
Look at that cute little toddler belly I just wanna rub it!  Tickle those little feet and just squeeze that little cutie!

Now off you got to the amazing Lelia's blog!  She's got some cuteness in store for you!

Colors used:
Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Swim trunks: B12, B14, B16
Sand: E40, E42, E34
Hair: E23, E25 yep just two colors again!
 The clouds again were done with my cut out and a dauber with Sky colored ink from Versamark.

I hope you have enjoyed our week of previews, your next stop on the hop is 
I am sure she will delight you with this little cutie pie!

Here's the complete list in case you would like to start at the beginning or you have lost your way.

Hop starts here at the SBS Blog (you are already here)
Hop ends back here again at the SBS Blog  (back here again you hop)

Here are some great deals on the rubber too!

Buy all eight new  rubber stamps for $54 ($67.92 regular price): Summer54
Any six new rubber stamps for $40  ($50.94 regular price): Summer40
Any three new rubber stamps for $13.00 ($16.98 regular price): Summer 13

Digis are also available until Sunday, they will be available only in rubber once taken down Sunday night at 11:59PM PST.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's a Munster without his Munster-ette?

Of course Chris Munster couldn't go parading around the beach without his Betty Munster right?

She's ready to hit the beach with her fun Sun Hat, and beach bag!  Wonder what kind of goodies she's got stored away in there!

I love that hat!  I have one just like it!  

Colors used:
Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Swim Suit and sandals: YR23, Y18, Y02
Beach Bag, Bow, and sunscreen: BG05, BG01, BG02
Blue in towel: B24, B26, B28
Hair: N3, N5, N7, N8
Streak in hair: N1, N3

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More "Munsters" hit the beach areas...

Chris Munster has been spotted taking five, although I don't think he's wanting to share his treat with the beach "locals"!

Isn't he just the coolest?  

Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Shorts: E40, E42, E34
Hair: N3, N5, N7, N9
Segull beek and Hawaiin Shirt: YR12, YR16, YR18
Greens on shirt: YG03, YG23
Skulls and Seagull "whites": C3
Glasses and Sandals: B24, B26, B29
Bowl: R24, R27, R89
Bananas: Y02, Y06
Mint Ice Cream: G20, G03
Strawberry Ice Cream: R32, R35
Chocolate Sauce: E23, E27

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Even the dark ones enjoy the beach...

Maybe she's not all smiles and giggles, but she sure is one cute Sassy little Miss!

Lola Addams is ready to play ball with you on the sandy beach!

Look at all that sass on her expression!  Isn't she marvelous!  That hand on the hip is classic!

Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Swim Suit: T3, T5, T6, T7, T8
Red Part of the ball: R24, R27, R89
Hair: N3, N5, N7, N9
Green part of the ball: G03, G05
Eyes: YG01, YG23, YG25
Eye shadow: N3, N5
Yellow part of the ball: YR23, Y18, Y02

I hope you are enjoying these.  I know I sure enjoyed coloring them up!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Need a cute life saver?

No one cuter than Lifeguard Christian!

He's able and ready to rescue you from any beachy emergency!  A bit more old fashioned with his swim suit, but I think it just makes him all that much cuter!  

Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Lifeguard Suit: R24, R27, R89
Sand: E40, E42, E34
Hair: E23, E25 yep just two colors again!
Surf Board: N3, N5, N7
Background around Christian and his board: BG01, BG000, BG0000

See you tomorrow?  Day 5 of previews!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Need a Hose down?

Rio is more than happy to help!

Is that another cutie or what?!  The sun is from my CriCut cartridge Simply Charmed again as is the "sunny" word.  

I am loving the new skin tones I have created.  Using again the same colors, but going over them again and again really saturating the areas.  I learned the one shine on the legs from Zoe of Make It Crafty!  She's awesome!

Colors used:

Skin: E13, E51, E50
Bikini: YR23, Y18, Y02, 
Polka Dots on Bikini: BG34, BG49
Hair: E23, E25 yep just two colors!
Hose: G03, G05, N3, N5, N7
Sunglasses: BG02, BG05, N3, N5, N7
Sandals: R24, R27
Shading on the floor: W3 and again went over it with my colorless blender.

See you all tomorrow for Day 4 of previews, you are going to love him!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Is she not a beauty or what? I have a friend that loves the "fullness" of London's body... she's defo not a skinny mini but I think she's just gorgeous!

Usually I make her hair blonde or brown, but today she's a full on Dark haired beauty!  (her hair looks like mine this way, tee hee)  I know the card is simple, but I really love how this one turned out too!  All my cards for this release will be in one awesome kit with stamps and papers included!

Oh and I almost forgot, I promised I would start trying to remember to include the Colors used!

Listed in the order I start coloring:
Hair: N3, N5, N7, N8, 100
Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Bucket, Swimsuit, headband and one of the balloons: YR23, Y18, Y02
Flowers, Eyes, Flip Flops and one of the balloons: BG01, BG05, BG02
Leaves and one of the baloons: G14, YG05
Red balloon: R24, R27, R08
Orange balloon: YR12, YR16, YR18
The water and floor shading is C3 and I go over it all with my colorless blender.

I usually start with darkest first and blend in as I go lighter.  I hope that helps!  Oh and I don't do circles, I usually tend to "flick" the hair and go up and down or side to side on everything else.

Splish splash....

Here comes Summer!  What better way to kick it off with a Cannonball right?

So!  I am so excited about this release, it's been ready for months upon months!  But even more excited about my clouds!  I cut out a cloud image from my Simply Charmed CriCut Cartridge and just dabbed blue around it to create my clouds!  Aren't they awesome!?  Gosh sorry didn't mean to be all full of myself!  LOL just love the outcome.  I hope you will come back tonight for our next preview she's a BEAUTY!  

Have a wonderful National Scrapbook Day!!

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