Monday, August 29, 2011

Back 2 Skool we go....

Actually my kids have been back in school since August 1st!  At leaset it wasn't in July like two years back!  With just a few more days till they have been back for a month, we are busy with loads of fun stuff for my daughter which is now an 8th grader, and my son which is now a SeƱor!  Yikes!  Just think, just when I was getting close to being out of the woods.... I went and had another baby, he's of course now 2 years old getting really close to three in a three months, but I have to do it all over again with him!  Geeez!

Okay, okay, enough about me right let's get onto the fun new release happening over on my SBS blog!

The new Back 2 Skool Teens have started to appear and are ready for roll call!

Today I am going to start you all off with two previews, I actually have three, but one of them is combined with an image that is not yet released/previewed until tomorrow when it is released!

In an effort to help my kid be "teacher's pet" I have created these fun buckets for each of her teachers...

The first one features Book Pile Miller for her English teacher (hope she's not upset it's not a female image).  He is ready to hit those books and get this year started!  I used We R Memory Keepers School line paper from last year and the pail is from Stampendous (but you can find that at too).  I feel my buckets were very simple, but I am sure they teachers will still appreciate them.  I should have gone with larger buckets as I was unable to do much as far as decorating these small buckets.  But again, it's the thought that counts and well the pails are filled with sweets!  I did not color this Miller, my friend Dawn did as she was helping me out with all my coloring, I have loads to go still until the end of the year with new sutff!!  Didn't she do an amazing job with Miller!!?

Next up, and she is one of my favorites in this line, alwasy so Sassy... Sporty Lola!  Is that green hair not the best ever or what?!!  I absolutely love how it turned out!  I keep telling my self I have to take some online lessons or something to color like the pros, but this one did turn out pretty good, well her hair did anyway!  She is just the prettiest little basketball player around!  I made this bucket for Rio's P.E. teacher of course.  Used the same paper as I did for Miller's bucket from We R Memory Keppers.

Here's a view of both my buckets.

One last view from the tops of the buckets!

I hope you have enjoyed my preview images and projects, please leave a comment you never know where the winner is going to be selected from!  Thank you have a great start of the week.  See you all tomorrow for the release!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They're all together ooky....

...the Addams Family!

Finally I can show these off!  My favorite of my own stamps! Three new images from our newest Teen Scene Halloween line!  Betty Addams (Morticia), Christian Addams (Gomez) and Lola Addams (Wednesday)!  Check out my three new creations using three of our new stamps available now!

Lola Addams

Betty Addams

Addams Portrait (this is a new stamp with all three images and the border, all three images are of course also available on their own)

SO whatcha think?  I have had these forever... colored and all!  This one is also a new stamp now available, but I ran out of time to finish my card, I plan on finishing it, but wanted to show you my first attempt to black and white coloring... whoohoo

Addams couple, this is one stamp, just took my Betty and Christian and merged them to make it into one combo stamp, for those that don't like to or can't mask.  I have been asked many times to combine some images for "couples" cards and such.  Imagine the fun that you can create with this couple stamp for Anniversaries, Valentines, and just because I love you cards and projects!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Halloween again...

Well sort of right?  It is Halloween again here on my blog, but the real Halloween is just around the corner!  

Today we have three new stamps to show you!  I have been so anxious about these cuties since March!  I know that is a long time for me to hold a secret!!  Let's get on with it right, no more waiting!

First we have London Mummy!  From my new Teen Scene Halloween line.  She and her little kitty Lynx are ready for some spooky fun!  I used all Echo Park Apothecary Emporium papers!  These papers can now be found online at, but I will have a special package deal tomorrow which will include all 12 new papers, 2 sticker sheets, and 7 of our 8 new stamps all in one bundle for a very special price!  I will have all the details for you tomorrow along with the rest of our new images!
The sentiment is also a part of our Teen Scene Halloween release.  I don't know about you all, but I tend to color, without trying to find paper first, then end up having to buy paper to match my colors!  No wonder I have loads, and loads of paper... I keep buying!  With these images, as I mentioned before, I had them ready a long time ago, that I didn't count on using paper with only three colors; cream, black, and orange.  However, I think that it turned out pretty well considering my images were already stamped and colored before I got the paper line!

Igor Miller, I loooved that movie Igor, and love the Igor we see in The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I don't know why but I love this character and Miller is one of the cutest Igors out there!  Just look at his big cute eyes!  I re-did Miller three times!  Just couldn't get him right, the first time I had to peel him off the original card, I ended up messing up the edge of the cardstock, but I thought it looked cool!  So, I started randomly adding my double sided tape here and there on the edges, and pulling them off fast so that it would tear off pieces from the cardstock Miller is so well stamped and colored on.  It turned out quite nice don't you think?  I love it when mistakes turn out to be a "technique" I call it the, "I messed up again, but going to cover my butt by calling it a technique, technique!" LOL!  Sentiment is agian, my own which will be a set releasing with these cuties tomorrow!  The fence is from the October 31st cartridge for the Cricut machine.  

My third image for tonight is my little Teen Scene Rio as the Evil Queen.  Sadly, my 13 year old Rio is becoming obsessed with the mirror herself, TEENS!!!
Evil Queen Rio is the cutest of them all no?  Love her little Mirror on the go as she is ready to stalk the neighborhood!  Ready to collect those treats!  This card gave me grief as well!  I did not re-do her at all, but sat there staring at it for 20 minutes before I put on the finishing touches.  I was so unhappy at first, as all I had was the background paper that already had the tree and the moon printed on it.  The torn strip with the ribbon on it, and Evil Queen Rio popped up.  I thought it looked so plain and boring.  I then thought about the alphas I had and came up with the WICKED arched above Rio with the CUTE squares sentiment.  Of course I had to trow some stickles on those letters to make them pop as well.  Again, I colored Rio before I had the paper in stock, but even though the paper only has three colors on it, I feel Rio having more than just those three colors worked perfectly with the line!

Well, that is it for tonight.  Sorry if I rambled, it's late and I am just waiting for these to go live so I can go to bed!  I hope you enjoyed all these new images see you back here for more tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOYWW #115

This is my first What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Stamping Ground!  Whoohoo!

I am actually starting it off early in the morning... it's about 12:09 right now and I can't sleep cause hubby talked me into watching Insidious... so now I will be scared for a week!  Which means loads of crafting done, but super tired!  I have a toddler after all that can sleep at night and is up at the crack of dawn, just about when I start seeing the light and I am no longer scared!  LOL I know for a person that loooooves Halloween I am a scaredy cat!

Okay so I am working on one my four Halloween releases!  Whew... see told ya I love Halloween and must have four lines... can't tell ya which one this is, but I am having fun, fun, fun with it and you can see a little sneaky of it!  I am making a kit for this new line of stamps too!  Using We R Memory Keepers new Halloween line Spookville!  I love this line!  We R Memory Keepers is one of my favorite paper companies out there!  Sadly I have OCD and can't bring myself to show the mess surrounding my area... you can't even see my Copics here!  It's probably why it takes me forever to finish a darn card, I make one, then clean it all up, then I need the spellbinder I just used on card #1 so I have to go dig it out of it's container where it's put away according to shape, size, or some other silly factor!  My daughter says it drives her crazy when she crafts with me cause she is a disaster zone and I will clean up after her too!  She says I always misplace her stuff! I always ask "how do you find your stuff!"  Well anyway here's my mess:

I also have some cold pizza on my desk!  I love cold pizza!  I purposely buy it one day ahead so I can have it cold the next day!  My kids think I am weird, but I catch them eating MY cold pizza all the time!  Of course working on all this Halloween stuff is making me want Halloween to be her faster!  It's nice a quite and I can think and craft, but one small sound and I am freaked out!  I think I may call hubby on his cell, I know it sits on his night stand, and I am in my daughter's room and need him to come get me so I don't have to walk the hallway by myself!  I know, I know so silly but that movie freaked me out!
Ok well off I go to finish a card or two, then I am so calling my hubby to come get me!  I know from my daughter's room to ours!  What a scaredy cat really!

You can join in on the desk hopping over at Julia's blog!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Halloween Release!

Whahoo!!!  Here we go the first Simply Betty Stamps Halloween release!

We have three more awesome new stamps in both digi and clear stamp form!

Today we have Vampiress Tilly

Witchy Wednesday

and Franken-Scott!

I don't know what it is about Frankensteins that just make me smile!  This is one of my favorite images of mine.  That large Frankenstein behind Franken-Scott ROCKS!  

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...there'll bee Pumpkins for Carving, Black cats for Witches, and Ghoulies for scaring galore!  HA  I bet you thought I was going to sing the Christmas version huh?

Sorry Christmas is not quite as special to me as Halloween!  Don't get me wrong I love Christmas too, but Halloween is my Most Favorite time of the Year! 

So, I have started the celebrations at home, planned out maze, our Halloween parties, and Halloween outings.  It was only fitting that I start the celebration at Simply Betty Stamps!  

The first three cards I have to show you were part of the Kit Club pre-order special we had for our Newsletter subscribers (if you haven't yet you can subscribe here: Subscribe we will have many wonderful pre-order, sneak peek, and sale deals each month).  There are six new images and we are kicking it off with 

Pumpkin Carving Alex

Punkin' Judy

 and Rag Doll Sally

I do hope you enjoy my cards, please let me know what you think.  Should I continue kits like these?  Maybe Stamp on your Layouts kits?  Whatcha think huh? huh? huh?
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