Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolution #7

What is my New Year's Resulotion #7... to craft more, for me.  I am constantly drawing, planning, coloring, and crafting for my SBS stuff... not that I mind!  However, I never get to do my Canvas layouts, or just craft for fun anymore.  It is fun to do my own stamps of course, but sometimes I want to just scrapbook or create without having to meet deadlines.  

It is time to start that baby album... errr for my now 18 year old, the 13 year old and the 3 year old!  My gosh, I bet Shutterfly hates me!  So many thousands of uploaded pictures and not one order!  LOL

This week I finished all my projects for the upcoming release, oh yeah, we have a preview in the New Year, right on the first day of the year!  So stay tuned for the first preview... but for today let me just share what I have been able to work on now that I have the business stuff in order...

I took this picture of Jude holding daddy's hand at the Autopia line waiting to get into their little car and drive off... thank goodness they only drove off for five minutes!  

I have no idea what setting I used, but the picture turned out so nice, even the kids said it looked like a pro had taken it!  I loved it even more when I uploaded it and made it black and white.  I had it printed in 8x10 and again loved it in black and white.  Today, I thought it needed just a little bit of color... so I experimented with my Copic Y02!  To my delight it did just what I wanted it to do... just tint it, bring out his little shirt.  You see, this was one of my absolute favorite little outfits of Jude's.  In this picture Jude is only about a year and a half.  The Overalls outfit was for a 24 month old, but my 1 and a half year old was already outgrowing it.  He's a big kid!  I couldn't bare to do away with the Overalls, but I knew there was no point in keeping something that doesn't fit him!  So, I took a piece of it... the little pocket.  I gave the outfit to my mom for her neighbor that had just had a baby boy, she was a bit upset that I tore out the pocket, but I didn't tear the Overalls at all... and I really don't care!  LOL I wanted my little guys pocket!  He would always put his little hand in there and say, "Where's it Mommy?"  In the sweetest little 1 1/2 year old voice ever!   The layout will be mounted on a canvas and hung on Jude's wall, each kid has wall in our home.  It is simple, and was a fast creation, but I think the sweetest things sometimes are simple.  This little pocket and it's story is one of the most simple pleasures associated with a memory about my little Jude.  I think it was fitting to be made simple but sweet!

I hope you enjoyed it, the paper is from my stash, so I am very happy I finally used it!  It is from Animal Crackers Jack from Making Memories.  I have had that since I first opened my store back in 2006 something like that!  LOL  

Now, don't faint, but I may actually post a new one again tomorrow... I am on a roll!  Listening to Jewel these past few days has gotten me in such a crafty mood... actually just plugging in my iPod and letting it shuffle from Jewel to Metallica, to the Sex Pistols, to the Tangled Soundtrack (I know what a mix eh) has really gotten me in the crafty mood!

Friday, December 2, 2011

BBQ in the middle of winter?

Sure why not!

Our final preview!  Whoot whoot!

Meet Kiss the Cook Miller!  He is wicked fast with that fork and ready to serve ya up some hot dogs, or burgers... whatever it is, he is a grillin' master!  

I really enjoyed myself with these guys, I think it's because they really are quite versatile!  We went from Baking up stress free goodies, to a Halloween theme, to now a Summer inspired card!  Imaging the possibilities with these cuties, you can make any of them any theme really!  

Chipboard Stars, Chipboard Sentiment, Stickers, and Papers: BoBunny Press Block Party
Ribbon: Creative Impressions

I hope you enjoyed all six cards, for the first time I made the cards just for fun, without having a set theme, color combo, or matching.... errr anything really.  I just went with the flow and I loved how all my six cards turned out... that never happens!  LOL  Have a great weekend, get lots of rest as Christmas is approaching faster and faster by the day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's this?

Why it's a Christmas card, with that Betty twist!

Welcome to our 1st day of 12 days of Scary Christmas... well not too scary right, more Betty Scary which is more cute and quirky than anything really!  

I am super excited about this fun new 12 days of Challenges!  It's going to take us straight through till Christmas Eve!  Yay!  That will keep me busy and focused on crafting instead of shopping, shopping, and more shopping!  Well not that I mind it, I just have too many crafty supplies!  Whut?  Did I just type that?  I must be going looney!  

Today I have a super fun card, the challenge is to recreate your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas scene!  I have sooo many from this movie that it was hard to pick, but I wanted to try my hand at drawing scenes, I can draw characters a little, but have never tried actual scenes.  I have on canvas with paints, but not drawing them around my stamps.

So, of course I started with my Skellington Jack Chibi.  I then picked up my trusty pen and just started sketching out my scene around him.  As you can see it is really rough, I did not try to be to perfect in this drawing of the scene, as I think the scenes themselves are meant to be rough and tough :)!  I did it really quickly, and colored it all up even quicker!  So forgive me, it's not my best but I kinda like the outcome!

The paper I used for the base of the card is from Making Memories, one of their Halloween lines from 2008 I think!  It's old for sure.  The ornament is from the Winter Frolic carttridge for the Cricut.  The ribbon I scored at .59 cents on black Friday at Michaels and used it!  OMG I never buy something and use it right away!  Whoot whoot!  Go me!  Well I hope you like my super rushed card!  See you tomorrow for the release of our Kitchen Fun Teen Scene stamps and then back here again on the 3rd for day 2 of the 12 days of Scary Christmas!

Blueberry or Chocolate Chip?

What's your favorite Muffin?  Mine is Little Miss Muffin Rio!
She is just the cutest little Muffin maker this side of blog land!

I tried something different this time around, I couldn't find the right sentiment, so I WROTE one!  I hate my handwritting, but this turned out quite nice, I think.  I may try it again someday!

Papers: BoBunny Crazy Love
Ribbon: JoAnns
Brads & Pearls: Recollections found at Michaels

One more day!  yay!  Just one more preview tomorrow, which also happens to be release day of these cuties!  See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The fastest Pan Slinger in the West!

I am not talking about cowboys!  I am talking about this cutie Pan Slingin' London!  She is ready for anything with pan in hand, or she's ready to bop someone in the head!  LOL
Either way, she is one pretty little Pan Slinger!

I guess I was in a Polka dot Mood!

Papers: Echo Park, For the Record, and Be Mine
Ribbon: Creative Impressions
Sentiment: Obsession Impression and my own added
Crystal Swirls: Prima Marketing
Black Pearls: Recollections found at Michaels

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spaghetti anyone?

Welcome to day 3 of our Kitchen Fun Teen Scene previews!

Today Christian is ready to dazzle you with a nice large helping of his awesome Spaghetti!  I wish I could tell you that the real Christian, my son, was a chef at heart... sadly that boy won't even put a sandwich together for himself!  Burns water, and has quite a few bad burns on his arms from attempting to cook!

However here we have him all decked out in his Chef uniform and large plate of Spaghetti!

Now that is one Spicy Meatball no?  LOL

Papers: Echo Park's Be Mine Collection 
Sentiment: My own
Swirl Embossed folder: Sizzix
Breads: Recollections found at Michaels

Pretty simple card, but I like how masculine it is.
Yep, see you tomorrow for preview day 4!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Got Cupcake?

Lola sure has a nice big one for you!  Welcome to preview day 2 of our Kitchen Fun Teen Scene!

I am loving all these images, and not just cause they are mine, but because I have made a different themed card for each image... they truly are very versatile!

Just check out my "Halloweenish" Cupcake Lola!  I have bat sprinkles like that!   

Papers: BoBunny WHooligans, Pine Cone Press
Bats: Spellbinders Bats Nestabilities
Pearls: Recollections found at Michaels 
Ribbon: JoAnns
Setntiment: Monster Kisses from Crafty Sprouts

I love this card!  I wish I could give it to myself, cause I wish I had a Halloween Birthday, but no I had to be lazy and wait 10 days after Halloween!  Booo!  LOL I do hope you have enjoyed todays preview, I have another fun one tomorrow of course and it's awesome!  Not just cause it's mine.. heh heh!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Final Release for 2011!

Hello everyone!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you all gobble till ya wobbled? LOL I crack myself up!  Heh heh....

Okay let's get onto the fun stuff yeah?

Today is preview day one of our awesome new Kitchen Fun Teen Scene kids!

We are kicking it off with me!  Heh heh Baking Betty... like me she is ready with apron, mixing bowl, and handy wooden spoon!  I love baking, have taught Rio and she now loves baking... I guess with my name being Betty it was bound to happy right?  Betty "Crocker" Roberts! Pink and Brown is one of my absolutely favorite color combo!

Here's my card: 

Papers: Bunny's Crazy Love papers, Bazill cardstock: Cupcake
Ribbon: JoAnns
Rhinestone swirls: Prima Marketing
Sentiment: Stampin' Up

I hope you enjoyed my card today, see you tomorrow for day 2 of our Kitchen Fun Teen Scene!  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's really looking a lot like Christmas outside...

WOW!  We got snow!  Awesome, beautiful white powdery stuff!  I love gloomy days perfect for crafting, soup making and baking!

Check out my back deck this morning!

Okay, well I am not here for the snow report, I have a fun and super cute new release.  It is a quick one again, sorry to report due to our struggles with Christian's therapy and stuff.  I wish I could have given it more time and everyone a bit more time to enjoy our last release, but things are getting really stressful for us.  But, let us move on to the fun stuff....

Here are Ali, Ariel, Oscar, Jude, and Lilly, 5 out of eight new Jude and the Rockers Christmas release!
Sorry, they are a bit plain, I had to work under the gun!

 Mistleholly Brittany
 (mistleholly cause she's asking for kisses with a Holly, not a Mistletoe leaf)

Carrost for Rudolph Ariel

Cookies for Santa Jude

Christmas Morning Oscar

Big Gift Lilly (man I want PJs like that)

I do hope you like our newest images, and see you all really soon for a fun new 12 days of..... (can you guess?) think Betty, think fun, think quirky, think of fun twists to certain Holidays!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's the Great Secret Pumpkin Exchange Blog Hop day 3!


It's here, it's finally here!  Sad that it's over but it's here!!!  Whootwhoot!

I will have loads of pictures to share with you all later tonight, but for now here are the pictures from Saturday night's maze in our back yard!

How about something to nosh on?  Scotty my step son

Alex one of our closest friends! Shoot 'em up Meyers!

My crazy husband

My crazy husband and Jonathan our new crazy fun friend!

Meyers again... does that look creepy or what!

My Beautiful Spider Princess

Well, I hope you all enjoy your nigh of haunting, Trick or Treating, and candy giving.  What ever you do please be safe, have a great time and take lots of pictures to share with me!  you never know, one of your pictures may end up as a stamp!  

Your next stop is: Alison!  If I know Alison, she will have some awesomeness for you to see!

If you need the complete blog list here it is:

Start: SBS Blog
Betty you are already here yay!
Ends back at: SBS Blog

It's the Great Secret Pumpkin Exchange Blog Hop day 2

How are you all enjoying the hop so far?  
Pretty cool yeah?

Today I have something a little bit different to share.  I have Some fun pictures from our own little maze we put together every year.  Each year we save up all the donations we receive from visitors and add to the maze.  From last year's donations we were able to put in two new scenes... a Zombie Babies ward, and the Widow's Lair scene.

Here is the Zombie Baby ward.. pretty creepy if you ask me!

 Baby Jimmy Jugular

 Baby Hungry Harold

 Our Nurse Rotting Rio, and proud Mommy Looney Lyndsie!

Our Widow's Lair With Crazy Christina!

I have already shared my secret Pumpkin so I thought today I'd share a bit about me, my crazy family, and our loony ward (our home) during October!  We do this every weekend starting the second weekend in October, and this is our fourth year.  We had an outstanding night tonight!  I will of course share more pictures tomorrow with tomorrow's post!  And well it's Halloween!!!  Now here's an awesome picture of me, and two of my ghouls... However your next stop is Cyndi (which was my secret Pumpkin hee hee)!

Here's the blog hop list for today in case you have lost your way!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's the Great Secret Pumpkin Exchange Blog Hop!

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is my absolute FAVORITE Halloween movie!  I love it, watch it all the time, Halloween or not!  

So as you have already read on the SBS blog... I had this crazy idea of doing a Secret Santa... or Pumpkin as I much more prefer Halloween goodies instead of Christmas goodies!  

This is what I got from my Secret Pumpkin person... LINDA!!

An awesome card Featuring Draco the Ghost, a Chocolate Dollar, and an awesome box made with Witchy Wednesday, and of course the socks below... 

 Here's a close up of the card...isn't it fabulous!

My warm Pumpkin socks!  Whoot whoot!  Have I ever told you all that I have a Sock obsession?  That's why I did this Secret Pumpkin exchange and made my gals include Halloween sockies!  Aren't they like super, duper awesome!!

Well I hope you are enjoying the whole Secret Pumpkin Trick or Treat Blog hop so far, I will have a new project tomorrow for you, no more Secret Pumpkin goodies, but I do have a few other fun stuffs!

Now before you go head on over to Aeryn's blog for her Secret Pumpkin post!

Oh, and if you would like to start at the beginning here is the blog hop list for today!

Starts here: SBS
Betty  (you are here)
Ends here: SBS

Friday, October 28, 2011

12 Bats a Flying...

It's the end of our 12 days of Halloween... booohooo!

No worries we have much more in store for the rest of the year, and one more Halloween hoopla for the last three days of October!!!

Today I have used Cosette from our new the Coquettes line!  All spiffied up in Halloween colors!  I decided to make this a spinner card, to match my dizzy Bat!  If you would like to know how to make this spinner card I have instructions here.

I hope you have enjoyed the 12 days of Halloween and we all look forward to seeing your Halloween night pictures!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's New Wednesday at Canadian Nickel Scrap'n

Hello, hello all you happy bloggers!  

Today I am super excited to be Guest Designer for Canadian Nickel Scrap'n blog!  Whoot whoot! If you are new to her blog you are in for a treat!  She has the most amazing projects, gets sooo much done and still has time to be a mean baking and cooking mommy and I am sure awesome wife!

Check her out she is fun, fun, fun!

First, off I want to thank Nicole for having me... she and I go way back, and the love of Halloween is something I think will bond us forever and ever!  

As many of you know, I am the owner of Simply Betty Stamps. I am a crafter by heart.  Have always been, I think I started the scrapbook trend! HA HA HA!
I remember having a polaroid camera, taking pictures of my friends constantly and making my own scrapbooks with my doodles, and stickers I found here and there.  Again, all this before the Scrapbooking industry hit!  I fell in love with rubber stamping in High School.  I remember walking in to my first stamp store called Stamp, Stamp, Stamp.  I looked at a few stamps and thought, "Oh my gosh, these are expensive I will never have a collection!"  Well, here we are 4355 wooden stamps (that's after two months of purging), 285 clear stamp sets, and well not to mention my own lines, later!  

Nothing is more soothing to me than sitting, stamping and coloring!  Crafting in general really!
Here are a few cards with our new line the Coquettes!

I would like to offer all six clear stamps as a thank you prize for Nicole's What's New Wedneday.... she can figure out the distribution and give you all the details on how you can win these cuties!

Thank you for stopping by have a great Wednesday.

Crafty Sprouts Halloween Week!

Hello all you Halloween fans!  Today I am guest Designer for Crafty Sprout's Day 2 of their Halloween week!  Whootwhoot!  If you haven't gotten to see day 1 you can HERE.

I was so excited to be asked by Erika!  Of course I would be guest Designer, and not only that, but I offered three awesome Zombie Teen Clear stamps for her visitors!  You can get all the details here.

Today I have a super Too Cute To Scare card for you.  Using our brand new Lolli from the Coquettes!
I paired her up with Crafty Sprouts' awesome Monster Kisses Sentiments found here.   She has some super awesome sentiments!  I know I love my Monster Kisses!  
How's that for a super cute Halloween?

Erika has some super fun stuff going on everyday this week please hop on over to Crafty Sprouts to check out all the details on prizes, happenings, and a ghoulish good time!  She has great blog candy and to win it all you have to do is leave a comment over at Crafty Sprouts, and at her Guest DT members blogs!  Pretty simple!  Have a great Tuesday see you soon for more Halloween fun!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Haunty Halloween Hop

Happy Saturday everyone!  Welcome to our Haunty Halloween Hop!  It's all about anything Halloween...that's my kind of HOP!!!  I looove Halloween!  Just to show ya how much I love it I have a few things I would like to share for this hop...

Before I get started let me do the hop thing, you probably made your way over here from Angelique Nederpel's  blog I bid you a happy welcome!  If you have stumbled upon this on your own and would like to start at the beginning please hop on over to Cyndi Bundy's blog (she's one of my awesomest best friend!) and get your Haunty Halloween Hop party started!

Ok so today I have a special card, with a special sneak peek... I know that's cheating, but I am allowed to cheat and sneak peek ya an image or two right?  

This is Hamlet, he is a brand spankin' new image that will be accompanied by five more in this line (sneak peaks start on the 24th)!  I was going to use this for another special post, but I had to share it now as I am so proud of it.  I rarely like what I make, but I LOVE what I did with this one!

I used my Happy Haunting (maybe it was the October 31st) cartridge for the window.  I placed it on my image and decided where I wanted the image to show through.  Once I had figured out where I wanted the image showing through I cut out pieces of the creepy window frame to allow the image to bee seen.  It's that cool?  I know, I know conceited huh?  Heeh heeh, I just really like how it turned out!

Okay so whatcha think?  Pretty awesome no?  Ok, ok enough about me, time for you to head on over to our next Haunty Hop person Taylor Usry!  Hop on over and check out what she has in store for you!

I have sponsored this hop with a $10 gift Certificate for Simply Betty Stamps, but I also want to throw in a quick, small but cool little prize... this is a mini prepared card kit!  I think I will call it The Addams Family Quick Put it together kit!  Everything to complete six cards is included as follows; Stamped and die cut (where necessary) images, papers, embellishments, colored sheet with all cards you can create with copics colors used list.  It's nothing huge, no stamps are included, but everything is ready for you to just slap it all together and create the following cards:

Here is what the kit looks like:

Whew, was that a long post or what!!?  Okay, so in case you have lost your way, or would like to start at the beginning here is the complete list of participants in their hop order: 

Betty Roberts  you are here!

This is one Haunty Hop you don't want to miss as there are TONS of fabulous Halloween prizes from these wonderful sponsors:

Stampendous! ( 5 winners... 1 Halloween bg cling stamp each winner..Crowscape, Graveyard, Beware Gate, Castle Gate, Pumpkin Fence)

Karber Digital Designs...2 digis to one winner

Skipping Stones Design...Halloweenie set

Smeared Ink  (5 single digis...1 each to 5 winners? or 5 to 1 winner?)

Strange Skin...1 set of choice (except Zombies)

Jens Digi Stamp...(5 images to one winner)

Simply Betty Stamps...($10 Gift Certificate)

La-La Land Crafts ($10 Gift Certificate)

Dreamweavers Stencils: 3 prizes: each is 4 stencils, 2 brushes,  with 3 technique sheets each!

Hop starts today October 22nd and ends Wednesday October 26th at 8pm EST.  have fun hopping! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Halloween

Welcome to day four of our 12 days of Halloween!  yay!!  
I am very excited as tonight is exactly 12 days until Halloween!  I have a little tradition I do with my kids 12 days until Halloween, where each day we do something fun and Halloweenish!  Tonight we baked Halloween cupcakes with the little guy yay!  I will share pictures later with my 12 days of Halloween album, I promise!

Today the challenge is to incorporate skeletons in your projects as the song says...

Oh the 4th day of Halloween my True Love (but I prefer to say "Ghoul") gave to me
Four Skeletons!

Here are my four little skeletons!  Of course you can use one Skeleton and the number four, or four skeletons the choice is yours!  

I used Skeleton Peter Digi for my project, I just merged him four times.  The paper again is from K&Co., and I used my Copics to color my Peters in!  I really, really like how this one turned out!  Hope you like it too, see you all soon with more Halloween fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the third day of Halloween...

My "ghoul" Love gave to me... Three Black Cats!

Welcome back everyone, I missed the post yesterday but you cans still see my card at the Simply BEtty Stamps blog!

Today, for the first time in a long time I am very happy with my card..whoohoo!

I have used Emo Witch Betty for my image, and Tim Holtz die for the cat... I LOVE THIS DIE!  It's one of his newer movers, so cool!  The  paper is K&Company.  The super large bow is made from Ribbon I had from about four, maybe five years ago from Michaels!  Don't you just love it when you finally use something from your stash that you were waiting for the absolute right project to us it on, I do!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today's card see you tomorrow for day 4!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1 of 12 Days of Halloween...

October is finally here!  Yay!  What better way to celebrate than with 12 days of Halloween!  So let's get this Halloween party started, again, and agian, and again depending on how many Halloween posts I get done from here until the actual day right? *wink, wink* 

Today our day one is all about an owl in a rotted oak tree!  I found the best owl on my October 31st Cricut cartridge whoo whoo!  The image is the Addams couple found in my shop (plenty still available) and I had this one colored for months, but never got around to actually building a card... today I thought it was the perfect image for my first day of the 12 days of Halloween!  It was my first attempt at a black and white colored image, not bad eh? The paper is from Echo Park Apothecary Emporium.  The orange and purple background was done using the Holiday Distress Inks from Tim Holtz.  

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today, see you tomorrow for day 2!

Copics used: W3, W5, W7, W9, 100

Don't forget to hop on over the SBS blog to check out the rest of the SBS girls creations!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special rush release....

I was hoping that this release would be on track for Monday as usual, with a preview then a release on Tuesday.  However, many times we are faced with challenges and are at times forced to take a different route and make changes accordingly.

Here is the newest line: Jude and the Rockers Fall...I have all mine colored up with my Copics, but have been so pre-occupied with everything that I did not get a chance to make cards, these are digitally colored by my awesome friend Lelia!  However please check out Simply Betty Stamps blog to see al the awesomeness the DT has created with these cuties!

...and the reason I am rushing to get this line out...
My son Christian 17, has had a sore throat for about a month now.  The first doctor said it was tonsillitis's.  Seven days of Amoxocillin was administered.  Two days after the last pill, he was sick again, with a sore throat, and a fever.  Back we went to put him on Caphlex... again seven days of antibiotics.  On the fourth day he was not improving so we took him back.  Ok it's strep now.  They kept him on Caphlex but gave him a booster shot.  Three full days of starting to get better, he was able to eat again, drink, and talk.  He fell sick again on the fourth day, this time they took a culture and send it to the lab.  Monday I got a call that I needed to take Christian in to a specialist, well not just any specialist an Oncologist to go over his culture with me.  That appointment was for today Friday, I have of course been stressed the whole time, day after day.  When one is not given test results over the phone, one does not worry.  When we are asked to come in to discuss the results something is up.  The last thing I ever imagined, was to hear the doctor tell me that my 17 year old son has throat cancer.  The first question out of my mouth was, "Is my son going to die?"  I still can't believe I mustered enough energy to roll those words out of my mouth.
Christian has Stage 1 throat cancer, he will not die from it, but of course they can't ever say to me 100% no he is not going to die.  That 99% that he is going to survive it, still puts a mother on edge.  My son needs an operation immediately.  We have had a series of bad luck, like everyone else due to financial situations.  Our brand new Nissan broke down, no problem we will fix it when we fix it.  Our house needs minor repairs, again no big deal it will get fixed when it gets fixed.  My son needs an operation that will help him get well and be the class clown, kind hearted, silly kid he is... Now there's a problem!  We can't just fix it when we fix it and let it sit. He will be going through testing for a week, as he has expressed his "bones" hurting as well.  Doctors would like us to move quickly on the operation to prevent any further stages or other unpleasant issues.  We live 1 1/2 hours away from the hospital, and you can imagine I do not want to be far from my son.  I am not asking for a hand out, or pan handling is that the word?  I am willing to offer my products at discounted rates in the hope that it will bring in what is going to be needed in the next week or two while we go through the motions.  There are always extra medical bills as the insurance doesn't cover anyone 100%, we have a co-pay that have no idea where to pull it from, we don't have a magic top hat :(.  I am not asking again, for a hand me down, just asking that if you ever wanted a Simply Betty Stamp, your purchase would be a blessing at this moment.    
Thank you for taking the time to read and cross your fingers my son gets better.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Freddy wants in on that hug....

Whut?  Should I be alarmed that my then 1 1/2 year old found comfort in the arms of a monster?  Well, in all fairness we are the Halloween Family!  Everyone knows my kids house, cause it's always decked out starting August, okok July-ish with Halloween lights!  We create a maze every year for the neighborhood through our backyard, so as Jude is part of our family we hoped that he wouldn't be freaked out with all the Halloween goodies "laying" around, like skulls, fake bloody hands, coffins, and such!  Obviously as you can see in this picture of him cuddling with Michael Meyers trying to sleep~he was not affected!

I did this layout in under 30 minutes, so forgive me it's not spectacular!  I wanted to focus on my Freddy stamp cause he's awesome!  Doen's he just look like he is saying, "Can I get in on that hug?" LOL 

I used Making Memories Spooky Alley papers as well as Stampin' Up.  The spider chipboard is from Bazzil Chips, and of course the stamp Simply Betty Stamps.  The letters were cut from Mickey Font on my Cricut, and stamped with Tim Holtz splatter stamp.  I colored Freddy Kruger Boy with my Copics!   

Close up of Freddy Kruger Boy Stamp

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So sorry this is late....

Imagine my surprise, when I logged on at 10pm today to see if I had any comments on my last three Steampunk Halloween cards, and duh I forgot to write my post!!!

Here they are hope you all like them!  I loooove how all three of these turned out!

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