Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cupcake Craft Challenge #53

My card made Top 5 at Cupcake Craft Challenge! Woot, woot!

Cupcake Craft Challenge is celebrating and hosting a blog hop this week. Go check them out, the Design Team has some beautiful cards to share!

Here is my entry! I loved this color scheme. I thought of thin mint cupcakes and girl scout cookies! The Stamp is from Sassy Studios, isn't she gorgeous! The paper is from DCWV Sweet stack. The Plastic swirls covered in Cinnamon stickles is from Fancy Pants, the swirl ribbon you all know Creative Impressions. The Bling is Zwovarski (not sure if that is the correct spelling) crystals. The Happy Birthday sentiment is Stampin' Up! I can't wait to send this off to a friend or relative!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crafty CreationsChallenge #28 & The Pink Elephant Challenge #28

Crafty Creations Challenge #28 was all about Yellow, and The Pink Elephant Challenge was about summer, so unintentionally I merged the two! The stamp is by Stampendous it is one of my most favorites! I have used it countless times! Yellow stickles, the paper is from Flair Designs Inc. as well as the plastic letters, butterflies and two of the flowers, the paper flower is from Prima Marketing, swirl organdy ribbon from Creative Impressions, and the rhinestone brads are Heidi Swapp. I love, love, love how the plastic accents turned out by completely stickeling (not sure that's a word, but you "sticklers" know what I mean) them! Hope you like it! I had a lot of fun with it. Especially the glittery parts!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweetie's Sketch Layout

Here is my entry for the month of August on Sweetie's Sketch Layouts. I love this picture of my Roxie, she was the best dog ever! I had her from ten minutes after she was born. She would sleep with my hubby and I, I would give her to her mommy only for feeding. She was like my little baby. Unfortunately when Jude was born in November given his Apnea, and his allergies and his prematurity, we had to find Roxie a new home. It nearly tore me apart, but she is very very happy in a farm with a retired fire fighter that always wanted a yellow lab. I hear she's even gained about thirty pounds! I am very sad that she is no longer with us but very happy to hear she is in great hands!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harry Potter...

Okay so I just saw it again for the fifth time! Is anyone as crazy about this movie as my daughter and I? Any fans out there...Momiji I know for sure. Anyone else? I hate that I have to wait a whole two to three more years to see the 7th book on the big screen!

Does anyone have any Harry Potter layouts? I am ashamed to admit, I do not have any yet. I have pictures of us going to the movie premiers and all that, which is really neat because my kids have grown with it like the characters.

Show me the Harry layouts pleeeease!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Where'd all the money go? Blog Candy!

You all have got to check this blog out! Steph from Where'd All My Money Go? is giving away $150 to celebrate 25,000 hits! Now that is a generous amount to give away...for our addiction! Now who can turn that down right? Oh, oh and all you have to do is add a new post about that post on your blog! Easy! Now go check it out let's give her another 25,000 hits!

Unscripted Sketches 18

Here is my entry for the sketch from Unscripted Sketches which you can find here. I used Pincone Press designer paper, bazzill cardstock in bubble gum pink, the stamp is from Hero Arts. I used my Prisma markers, Black Diamond Stickles, and Creative Impressions swirl organdy ribbon in Magenta and Lime Green. Other materials used were pop-up squares and two pennies to make the witch spin (play the video)! Isn't she dazzling!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pink Elephant Challenge #27

Brown, Turquoise and Neutral

For this challenge I used turquoise vellum, Moxxie's winter designer paper, Cinnamon and Stardust stickles, Creative Impressions brown swirly organdy ribbon, snowflake swirl stamp from Inkadinkado and the sentiment stamp from Darcie's, and brown Zwavorski (is that spelled right?) crystals. The snowflake was from Sizzix, I used raw chipboard and didn't color it. I simply used the Stardust stickles to coat it with. It turned out so magical to me! Not bad for 11 o'clock at night and can't sleep eh?

The Pink Elephant Challenge #26

This week's Recipe is:

3 Brads
1 Flower
Designer Paper

For The Pink Elephant Challenge #26 I used Pine Cone Press Spooky collection for my designer paper. Doodle Bug green apple brads. The witch stamp is from Inky Antics and the Trick or Treat sentiment is from Hero Arts. I used QuicKutz for the cauldron as well as for the bubbles coming out of the cauldron. Flowers are Prima. I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Halloween Summer...forget Christmas in July!

Okay so after three days of unpacking, washing, dusting, and so on...most of my Halloween decor in the house is done. I love our Pumpkin fireplace! I love witches and this little redheaded witch has beautiful fiber optics that change colors constantly. I got her from Avon of all places! The book you see on the table is my Halloween album. I made it myself using the Zutter binding system and lots and lots of ribbon and fabric to cover it with. Each strip is either a ribbon or turned out so nice! As you walk in my front door the first thing you see is a Halloween table. I have had that haunted house for years! The mirror unfortunately over exposed everything along with the flash so you can't really see the beautiful fiber optic lights on the tree but it all looks so dazzaling lit up! Oh an the kitchen, I love the table setting, my kids love eating cereal out of the cauldrons I found at a party supply store. The two large cauldrons are actually hot apple cider servers, and the cake platter in the middle was just to adorable to pass up at Dept. 56! I have had the cookie jar and mugs on the counter for ages! I hate it when you buy something and the next year it's gone. I need two one more mug to make it a Roberts family set...oh well Jude will have to have his own new designer mug. It won't match the set and that will drive my anal butt crazy, but nothing I can do! Well, that's all for now, yep each year I add more and more. I even gave my hubby two extra weeks before he had to get started on the outside of the house...the truth is I haven't finished the paper mache figures! This year I am going to do a Nightmare Before Christmas scene out of paper mache. This way I can keep it up till Christmas...just add a Santa suit! I can't wait to see how my vision turns out! Wish me luck!

Ghost of Halloween past....

Omg! Halloween can't come fast enough! Of course now that I have half the house ready with decs and stuff, I had to pull out my Halloween pictures from last year! Are these not awesome or what? I love the one of my husband trying to creep us out. He gets us every year! I hate getting scared, yeah I know for someone that loves Halloween so much I shouldn't be scared right? I missed a lot of Halloween activities last year because I was as big as a pumpkin with Jude in my belly, but this year watch out! I am going to every Haunted House I can, I am going to Knott's Scary Farm at least twice! Oh, and this year our party will be a bumpin'! I am trying to get my husband to agree to do a mini haunted maze in our empty lot next to our house! We will see, October is usually extremely cold up here in the mountains!

Check out my creations from last year! I loved the make up on Rio my 11 year old. My son looked so creepy too because his hair flopped over the mask. It looks as if the mask has a wig on it, but it really si my son's hair! Oh and why isn't there a picture of me? Like I said big as a Pumpkin! No way! Jude, wasn't born yet, he came a month later early, but in March I did manage to "dress" him up!

Jude 4 months old in March

Christian as Sid from SlipKnot

Chris as Jason/Dead Pirate

Rio my little Dead Prom Queen, doesn't look 10 does she? She's 11 now but still!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exhausted but still crafting!

It has been one heck of a week. On top of the kids going back to school, as I mentioned before my 8 month old Jude is crawling, more like dashing! He is just so funny, he likes it when I run after him! He actually almost speaks to me too! He babbles momma really clearly, and I swear I heard him mumble something that sounded like get me! I must be tired! I spent the whole month of July lounging and crafting with my 11 year old daughter Rio. We would stay up till 3AM some nights or mornings, what ever they are. Well now I am paying the price. I am still staying up because I am hooked, but now I have to be up by 6AM to make lunches, breakfast, and walk the kids to the bus stop. Oh and it could be one bus stop one time, no it had to be challenging! Two bus stops, two different times! That means two breakfast times to make sure they are both hot for each child! Chef Ramsey would be proud! Okay so here is a picture of my little munchkin making sitting up laughing because he is about to make a dash for it, then one of him taking off. He is too cute, he always makes that lip expression when he is concentrating or he will stick his tongue out it's too funny. Isn 't he cute!

Hell's Kitchen!

Does anyone watch Hell's Kitchen? I love, love that show and I don't so reality shows! Must be the cutie raging british lunatic. It's ok, my hubby doesn't mind that I tend to googoo over him. I love to cook, but I am sure my butt would be the first to go home! I am pretty good at it, but I think that the minute he would say my name I would be in tears! I go around the house yelling to my kids when they are fighting "Shut it down!" That usually makes them laugh and gets them to stop fighting....ah the joys of having a teen and a pre-teen! Shut me down now!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I got my first award! Woot Woot!

I can't believe it! I got an award from another creative mind! This is sooo exciting for me. I had a really hard time joining challenges and creating projects because I always thought..."Who's going to like my stuff?" But I now see others do like my stuff! I want to thank Hollie from Momiji for awarding me! I came home from a long and painful trip to the mall for school shopping, and, and, and I got the great surprise! You guys have to check out her blog, and her projrts she is quite talented!

Ok, so let's see 7 things about me...

1. The first one is obvious, I am in love, obsessed, you name it with Halloween! I love pulling out the costumes and smelling them. I think they smell like Candy Corn!

2. I am a neat freak! You should see me trying to keep my area neat when making cards or scrapbooking! We all know it's a messy hobby...paper strips here, inks there, ribbon on the floor, stickle bottles on their all know what I am talking about. However, my neat obsession applies to the whole house! I literally have my pantry in alphabetical order and all labels must face forward.

3. Love Harry Potter...I secretly go around the house cleaning and waving my wand (broom, dsuter, vacuum, etc..) pretending that they are doing the work, I think I have gone as far as giving them "enchantment spells" names. I know what a loser, but my daughter loves me that much more for it.

4. I love putting parties together. From the invites down to the linen. I tend to go completely overboard with my kids parties. They sometimes wonder if it's for me or for them.

5. I have to color coordinate my eyeshadow with what I am wearing that day. I know many ladies do this, but I am just that much more COD about it!

6. I was drafted to be a Dallas Cowgirl, but the physical revealed I was pregnant with my now 15 year old son. You can all guess which path I choose.

7. I am terrified of bugs...I mean I love my children, but a bug lands on them...they are on their own!

Now let's see who I want to give this Kreativ Blogger Award to...

1. Momiji of course, and again not just because she nominated me, but I think she is quite talented!

2. Hannah what an amazing young girl. Very creative!

3. April she is a wonderful desinger! You just have to check out her blog!

4. Sheri has a great sense of color coordinating! She has some lovely cards!

5. Shelby another young and talented mind! I love how much younger girls are so interested and so creative with their stamping and card making techniques!

6. Robin has the cutest, and most colorful stamps! They would just brighten anyones day! I loved the You Sparkle one!

7. Alysabeth lovely cards. So bright and cheery!

Of course all these ladies are just brilliant and talented! So I give the award to all of them for a job well done on all their crafts, cards, blog design...just their creativity!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Costumes everywhere!

Okay, so I am now on day three of setting up for Halloween, and I just can't get it done! Usually I am so excited that it is done in 8 hours or less, this time it's been three days! What is wrong with me! Well, in my defense I do have an 8 month old that has just discovered crawling and is getting or trying to get into all kinds of trouble! In the middle of it all I have been creating awesome cards, and Halloween crafts...don't worry I will share as soon as I find my camera! I think the little one hid it from me so I stop snapping so many pictures of him!

Oh and I have also been working with my daughter Rio on ideas for her next costume...yes my perfect children love Halloween too! I have busted out my face painting supplies and created a couple of characters. So far we have a Galactica Rio, a Leopardess Rio, and a Comic Book face Rio, but I think so far my favorite is the Galactica Rio. What do you think?

Only 90 days till Halloween! Woot woot! I better get cracking! Any one have old Halloween pictures to share? Please do!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Pink Elephant Challange

Okay, so I don't think it's my best work but I had very little time for this challenge this week. My 8 month old started you can guess how my week has gone! I used Stamping Bella's Witchybella, Pinecone Press Spooky line for the patterned paper, stickles, Princess Brads for my bling, Creative impressions ribbons, and the sentiment stamp is from Stampendous. Enjoy!

I can't believe it! This little card earned me Top 5 at The Pink Elephant challenge! I am so excited about that. I kept on bugging my 11 year old daughter..."It's too simple, I don't like it, just throw it away, I will just start over, or I will just do the next challenge!"...I went on and on, and she finally got frustrated with me and just told me to stop and just give it a try! I am so glad now that I did! She is going to put her hands on her hips and say I told you so when I tell her. I can see it now, I am going to get to her school bus stop and be antsy like a little kid in a candy store just waiting to tell her the news! Thank you gals at The Pink Elephant Challenge!!

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