Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Freddy wants in on that hug....

Whut?  Should I be alarmed that my then 1 1/2 year old found comfort in the arms of a monster?  Well, in all fairness we are the Halloween Family!  Everyone knows my kids house, cause it's always decked out starting August, okok July-ish with Halloween lights!  We create a maze every year for the neighborhood through our backyard, so as Jude is part of our family we hoped that he wouldn't be freaked out with all the Halloween goodies "laying" around, like skulls, fake bloody hands, coffins, and such!  Obviously as you can see in this picture of him cuddling with Michael Meyers trying to sleep~he was not affected!

I did this layout in under 30 minutes, so forgive me it's not spectacular!  I wanted to focus on my Freddy stamp cause he's awesome!  Doen's he just look like he is saying, "Can I get in on that hug?" LOL 

I used Making Memories Spooky Alley papers as well as Stampin' Up.  The spider chipboard is from Bazzil Chips, and of course the stamp Simply Betty Stamps.  The letters were cut from Mickey Font on my Cricut, and stamped with Tim Holtz splatter stamp.  I colored Freddy Kruger Boy with my Copics!   

Close up of Freddy Kruger Boy Stamp

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So sorry this is late....

Imagine my surprise, when I logged on at 10pm today to see if I had any comments on my last three Steampunk Halloween cards, and duh I forgot to write my post!!!

Here they are hope you all like them!  I loooove how all three of these turned out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Victorian Halloween... me?

I never thought I could pull it off, using mostly non-traditional Halloween colors on my Halloween images!  I really challenged myself even further when I used a non Halloween paper line!  I must say I really liked the outcome, hope you all do too!

Here's Jacob the Warewolf, I think he's a bit cuter than the other Jacob!  LOL

Gillian the Ghost, doesn't she look just super sad, but beautiful?
 Draco the Ghost Gent.  I love this image, although I messed him up three times I finally gave up at the end and thought I'd try not coloring him... just stamped him on a piece of craft paper and outlined him with a white Prisma pencil...shhhhh the Copics may hear that!

Here's a bit of a close up, I used Crackle accent all over the image, it started to curl and crack, and I thought, "Oh no, I am going to have to re-do him again!!!"  BUT, I actually liked the outcome.

Bella the Vampire.  She looks so quiet, bet she's the Wicked-est of them all!

I hope you are enjoying these, tomorrow is the big releas and  it has the last three from this line they are without a doubt my absolute favorites!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Fabric, and a big mess!  WOW is that my desk?  I got a little lazy and just threw the stuff I want to work on there today.  Going to start my Halloween costume... wish me luck!  I have made my kids costumes that were very simple and used those easy Sewing for Dummies patterns!  Today I have a more complicated one that I am not sure how I am going to pull off, but I am going to give it a try.  I have six completely cut and ready to sew costumes from previous years, that I just can't seem to get myself to finish.  The fabric is all cut and ready to just sew, but I am terrified of it.... let's hope I see it through this time!  

Hope your Wednesday is productive!
Popcorn... it's what's for lunch!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Zombies are loose!

It's release day!  WHootWhoot!

These cuties are loose and running a muck!  All over blog land and spreading their Happy Zombie Halloween spirits!  It's release day and these Zombies need a good home, box, card, paper project, or just about anything fun and exciting!  Before you head on over to snatch them up from check out our last three Zombie Teen Halloween crew!

BoPeep Lola, skipping along collecting all her Clark Bars, Clark's Fingers and Clark's Brains!  Ewwww right?  Wrong!  It's humorous and cute in a weird kinda way!  LOL
I sure wish I could find some tights like that!

Here comes the Zombie Bride Betty!  She sure looks like she's ready to "dig" into her goodies!  Her face is classic no?

This is one of my favorite images!  Dino Christian!  My 17 year old Christian loooves this Dino Zombie version of himself.  He keeps begging me to make him this costume!  I love how he is 17 but would still dress like this!  I think it's what all those little girls chasing him like, his down to earth goofy humor!

I love Zombies...well the more cute and fake ones!  I always tell my kids I love the to bits, but if we are ever caught in a Zombie Apocalypse I will do everything in my power to save you all, but if you trip or fall I am sorry babies but Momma got to go!  So don't fall or I will leave you behind! LOL

I hope you enjoyed the last two days of Zombies!  I sure had a blast coloring and creating them.  Head on over to the Simply Betty Stamps blog for discounts, information and more eye candy from my DT gals, and please leave them some lovin'!  Thank you all for stopping by!

Monday, September 12, 2011

STOP... Zombie time!

That's right, what's a Halloween without a Zombie or six right?

Our Teen Zombies are back and ready for Trick or Treatin'!  Today I have three awesome images to share!  

Meet Trick or Treatin' Miller!  Ready to Roll in the goodies in his little Halloween wagon and I must say he is looking funny in that pumpkin suit!  I wish my real Teen were bold enough to wear tights and a Pumpkin outfit!

Do you believe in Fairies?  I do!  Fairy Princess Rio is ready to grant your wishes!  

There has to be a Queen every Halloween right?  Spider Queen London sure looks happy to take on that roll doesn't she?  

I hope you enjoyed today's three previews.  Come back tomorrow for three more!  I used all We R Memory Keepers papers from their 6x6 pads, one sheet of Layered Chipboard Words,  and Mini Clear Stamps.  All three new Clear Stamps will be available for purchase Tuesday the 13th!  Isn't that a perfect date for a Halloween release (even though we have one more to release, Halloween themed)!  There will be a kit with all six stamps, papers, and embellishments that you see on all six of my cards today and tomorrow will available on Tuesday as kit as well.  

Well that's all for today folks... happy Zombie bloggin'!

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