Thursday, December 9, 2010

WOwie 17!

Wowie I can't believe that 17 years have passed since I held this 5'11" boy in my arms.  I remember him looking up at me, after four long days of labor... I met him just one day after he was born.  I got sick, I was exhausted and slept for the first day of his life... well at least 12 hours of it.

When the nurses brought him to me, he just looked up at me like...Wass up! He is one awesome kiddo, of course he has his teen moments, but what teen doesn't right?  Just one more year and he is off to College =( I guess it had to happen.  I am so proud of him though, we have had trials and errors along the way. Being only 19 when he was born and daddy only 27 we were not prepared.  But we did alright.  

He always makes me laugh when I am down, cracks me up with is goofyness and at times is still mommy's boy.  He and Jude are pals, and love to hang out together.  He's so tender with children and animals, if I allowed it he would have about 20 pets in our home!  Of course being 17 today, he wants to celebrate with his girlfriend =( stinker!  No cake either!  I need my cake fix~ I am going to bake one anyway and eat it with Jude, Rio and Chris! Ha!

Happy Birthday Christian you are the light of my life!
Jude 2  Christian 17


Basement Stamper said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

Twish said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Christian. Reading the post brought tears to my eyes because I can relate! Sometimes they just SQUEEZEEEEE your heart and make it hurt, but it's a great hurt.

Rosa Witten said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

Jennifer said...

Stupid girlfriend, doesn't he know mom first.

Debbie Pamment said...

Hoping Christian has an awesome birthday! Girlfriends come and go but he only has ONE Mom!!!

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Have a Very Happy Birthday Christian :)

chrilvian said...

really sweet photo

van harte gefeliciteerd met zijn verjaardag

ihihihi i wrote it in dutch

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