Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am BACK!

Hello everyone! I have not been to active here and I am so sorry. I have had a couple of busy weeks! I have been slacking on my paper crafting and been neglecting my scrapbook area! My cricut just chirps at me faintly as I pass it by in a busy hussle! Well, no more I tell ya! All my loose ends are taken care of and I can go back to my quiet and peacful scraping on a daily basis!

So, to my wonderful Circle club ladies, I am so terribly sorry for not posting my samples. I promise you tomorrow, oh wait it is 5 minutes to midnight...Today Sept. 30th I promise to have that book sample up! So please check back in maybe after dinner.

Hope you all didn't forget me!


P.S. we adopted a new kitty...watcha think? Okay, it's just my daughter Rio, I did the face painting for an event we held for the community to offer programs like Girl Scouts! Yep, I am a Girl Scout leader too, on top of all that I do! I painted 174 faces that day, man was my back in pain! My daughter had a blast, so it was worth the two days of back pain! Doesn't she look great! I love how she indulges me on my face painting, scrapbooking, love for Halloween! She is often my practice canvas for all my creativity, and doesn't complain!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We have a full Circle!

The Circle is now complete! Woot woot! Nely of Sweet Escape is joining us and I am just so excited to have her on board!

Here is the list so far, and once I have all spots filled I will forward addresses to everyone so they know where to send off their books and etc.

1. Betty theme - Halloween (did you know that already :)?)
2. Steph theme - Favorite Quotes
3. Rio theme - Harry Potter
4. Elaine theme - Most Memorable First Date
5. Emily theme - Vegas
6. Kim theme - Tatoos
7. Nancy theme - TBA
8. Tina theme - School Days
9. Hannah theme - Polka Dots
10.Lori theme - color combo; pink, black and white
11. Shetara theme - TBA
12. Nely theme - Music

I can't believe we finally have a full circle of scrapin' and stampin' friends! This is going to be so much fun for me! I feel so alone up here up in the secluded mountains, this has lifted my spirits and just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Just think I get to receive mail from all over the US. Not just mail either, creative mail! Whoo whoo! If I had a tail I'd be doing the Tigger bounce! Instead I did the Hannah Montana happy dance and got caught by my husband! Made me scream so loud and nearly fall over! Hee hee. I know, I am proud to be a dork!

I will be posting my sample no later than Tuesday so stay tuned!



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maya Road/ BoBunny 12 days of Christmas Album!

Hello all! I had this great idea today. The ladies at Scrappin' Attack gave me this wonderful paper line St. Nick by Bo Bunny and a Maya Road chipboard mini album to create something magical for them. Well, when looking at the paper I got The 12 days of Christmas stuck in my head because I just started singing it! Then it hit me! A mini album featuring a "count down" of 12 days till Christmas! So, this is what I created! Is that not cool!? The paper is so beautiful! You gals in the San Diego area have got to go in and check it out! It is amazing what one little album and one paper line can create! I have a couple of picks here, but you can see the originals at Scrappin' Attack!

Here is the cover

First page

10th and 11th days of Christmas page

The last page would probably be designated for a family portrait!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cupcake Craft Challenge #56

Cupcake Crafts Challenge #56 is a color combo this week... Red, White, and Blue! Is this little gal too cute or what? I loved stickling her hair and Diamond glazing here and there! Hope you all like it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall is here (well for us for now)!

It's a perfect Saturday! The wind is howling, the clouds are building and we are supposed to get hit with rain again! It has been like this for a couple of days now. The mornings are sunny, but then the wind kicks in, the clouds and bam! We are slammed with rain! I love it! Rio and I have set up outside of our scrap area because I need more room to work in for all my projects today! Plus she has three days off from school! I promised her we would do the Harry Potter thing, a marathon of all five movies we have so far. I am going to make some yummy chili in the crock, muffins, key lime cheese ball, cookies, pop corn, and just all her favorite snacks and set it up all day as if we were hosting a crop...but this is going to be Rio and mommy's private Harry Potter Marathon crop! I am even going to see if I can talk my 15 year old son to draw me some pictures for some of the layouts I have in mind! He is an awesome artist. I draw a little too...here check out this drawing/LO I did of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Yes, I really did draw him. I then scanned my drawing to preserve it, and did a sepia tone when I reprinted. I keep the original in a safe with all my other precious drawings and work of art!

Friday, September 4, 2009

TCP Tuesday

I love this little kitty from The Cat's Pajamas which is being hosted by I {heart}2stamp! This week their challenge was Halloween style...right up my alley right? Although, I am really disappointed in my creation. I could re-do it, but I promised myself to try and be just a little easier on my self regarding my creations! Otherwise I may go nuts, although that is a short distance already!

Pile It On Challenge #13

Round and round we go! This is my entry for Pile it on challenge #13, as you can see there are many circles. I loved using these colors together it turned out so vibrant! I love doing these canvas wall layouts. I have so many pictures, that I thought, hey why not scrap them and hang them instead of just letting them sit in a photo box because they have not particular theme! Then I started doing themed ones, so now I change them all year long...Halloween goes up in Halloween, Christmas in Christmas, and well you get the picture. But a lot of these like ones of the kids when they were younger or just random ones stay up in my hall way all year round! I think that beats any store bought home decoration or knick knack don't you?!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Creating Area

After the closing of my shop my daughter and I were so sad because we thought that our time together without the boys was going to end. Well, it actually turned out that I was about to get the best of both worlds! I would be able to stay home with baby, and scrap with Rio! Not just pull out some tables either and just set up whenever we could. At the shop the best part was that we had tables set up all the time, and all our tools were at our finger tips. Well, my hubby turned Rio's room into the unltimate girlie room, with scrap tables and all! Check it out! What do ya think! We love this room, she comes home and has a space for her homework, after dinner and chores we can sit for at least two hours and do some scrappin! I have been scrappin more than ever since this room was turned into our little area. Rio is so generous and I am so thankful that she doesn't mind sharing her room with mom! I just love our pink creating room! And yes...I am insanely organized and a neat freak! I even have my pantry in alphabetical order! I know I am sick! Any who, my hubby put our room together, he made the shelves and the tables. He stained them and all. He did a wonderful job as he did with my shop when we opened it. If any of you had the chance to come in to our shop when it was open you would agree what a wonderful job he did. Of course I drew out the "plans" or "blue prints" of how I wanted my shop and he brought it out of the paper and into the shop. My little shop was so warm and so welcoming and just beautiful...oh oh I think I am going to cry! I miss my shop so much! However, I will have it again one day, Jude needs mommy right now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scrappin Attack!

Guess what everyone! I am going to be teaching classes at Scrappin Attack! Here is just a small sneak peak of what is to come, of course I am doing a Halloween card class...but you will have to wait after the long weekend to take a peak at the creations we will be doing!

This mini album is a great piece for your Thanksgiving table or mantel! I designed it so that you can add pictures, quotes, or even have your family members write a message! Check it out it is super cute!

If you are interested in attending this class please contact:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Circle Book Club

Hello everyone! I woke up today totally inspired to start a new project, but I would need 11 more ladies to participate! It is called a Full Circle Book Club, I am sure many of you have heard of it. No? Okay so this is how it works...

You get 12 ladies together. Each lady will choose a them to make an album of. You will completely decorate the front of your album, an introduction page with instructions, a sign in page and a two page layout on your theme. You will then mail off your book to the next person. The person before you will have mailed off her book to you to work on a two page layout on her theme. Each person can decided weather they prefer only pages with out photos so you can add your own photo to their layout on their album, or photos of themselves to get to know that person a little better. At the end you will get back your own book full of different page layouts about your theme and can be used as an idea book! Just imagine 11 new ideas and designs from all over the country! So, come on who's with me! Post a comment with your contact info if you are interested. I will put each person interested in the order the sign up. I will be the first of course since I am trying to get it all going!

I will of course do mine and post it as a sample for everyone else to get them inspired!

I look forward to starting this and can't wait to see some of the fun and creative designs I will get back on my theme!

Teen Album

Check out my cool teen album! My daughter had been begging me to make an album for her and her cookey friends, so I used all my cookey stamps for it! My husband suggested I copyright it, of course I did, and sell it to Hot Topic for their stores! Whatcha think? It was really tricky because it's an acrylic book, and double sided paper, so I had to make sure that whatever would show up on the opposite sided looked as if it was on purpose to match the other side...did that make sense? Hope you enjoy and it inspires you!

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