Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I wish you all a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and those you love and cherish.

I have so many things to be Thankful for these four being the top of the list:

Jude @ 9 months

 Christian @ 16 

Rio @12
 Daddy & Jude @ swim lessons 

For moments like these:

I am Thankful for those I can call friends, and do so much for me and indulge me really in my ventures: 

So Thankful for new ladies I will get to know better and have the pleasure of their company (yeah I know it's just online, but it counts) 

  • So, as you can see I am very blessed and Thankful for many things every day of the year.  Tonight my little sister (21) and I will cook dinner, put up the tree, have great conversation, and color some digis!  I am Thankful for today and everyday I spend with her as well, as we don't get to see each other too often.  She is studying to become a Veterinarian and I am so proud of her!  

Here she is enjoying a cartoon with Jude

While I miss my little Bro Many and other Sisters Amy (on mom's side), Emily and Kim on dad's side.  

I am Thankful for all of your wonderful support, your comments, and all of my customers without you all
there may not be a Simply Betty Stamps so from the very bottom of my heart Thank you SO much for being a part of my world!  




Andrea C said...

you have a lovely family all very gorgeous looking and how sweet is the pic of you zonked beside your baby boy Jude, happy thanksgiving x

Nicole said...

Oh wow Betty, love all your pictures:) I'm honored to be in there, thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!

BTW...Love the snow picture;)

Cellar Door said...

All these heartwarming look~sees you have given us to be a part of! God bless you and yours this wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Cellar Door

Kaz said...

What gorgeous photos of your family Betty.
Happy Thanksgiving x

Casper said...

Hiya Betty,

How are you? I am Casper, pleased to meet you!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

Love the photos & the best one is you & Jude asleep.

Soooo cute!

Take care
Big Hugs

Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving Betty! You have a beautiful family!

Tracey Feeger said...

Oh wow great photos Betty. Jude is such a little cutie. Your kids are all gorgeous but. Thanks for sharing your pics. Happy thanksgiving.

Lelia Pierce said...

You are too awesome, Betty! I am loving the glimpse into your home life...the pics are all fab! I love the one of you and Jude napping...not to mention BEETLEJUICE! :O) Love ya, chica!


Betty Boo! said...

You know those little naps Jude and I take are some of my favorite moments during the daytime when the kids are in school and hubby is at work. It's like our own little world. Hubby happened to catch this one on one of his days off, he said he had never seen me so peacefully asleep. Well of course I had all I needed for sweet dreams right!?

Eulanda said...

Awwww Betty what a sweet post!! I still can't get over how much hair you have!! Love the pics of the family. Makes us stop and think. Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

Angela said...

Oh Betty, you are the sweetest!! I have so much fun being a part of your wonderful team. It doesn't even feel like a team.. we are all just FRIENDS!!! I hope you don't plan on getting rid of us anytime soon or i'll go out kicking and screaming!!lol!!
Betty your pics are truly precious moments in your life. Thank you so much for sharing them with us and letting us see that part of your life. Just sweet. Oh and that pick of you and Jude sleeping,priceless!! Look at all that hair!!


LORi said...

I love you girl!!! Thankful for you friendship and love!!

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