Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was my son's second Halloween, but the first one he realized what Trick or Treat means.  
I take him on a stroll along side our lake daily, when he sees that I am getting his stroller ready and it's out front he knows it's Bye Bye time.  Well this weekend we have been so busy we hadn't had a chance to take him out for a stroll.  Well we took the stroller out and he was very very happy and excited.  Of course he did not realize what was coming... we got to the first house and he was hesitant about getting out of the stroller... daddy told him to say Trick or Treat... so he says "Chicken Sheet"!  He got his candy and got even more excited and happy!  He says to the lady, "Qew Qwew" which means thank you in Jude language!  He gets back in the stroller and thinks it's over... he got the point the second house, and refused to get back in the stroller!  He knew now what to do.  He would lead daddy instead of Daddy leading him! It was so much fun!  I love Halloween, and tonight was just amazing to see my little one out there.  Big sister, brother, daddy, friends and family all went out in costume to Trick or Treat with Jude and he was just having a blast!  That is what it's all about!  That totally made my Halloween night magnificent!  

Here is my little FrankenJude looks just like his stamp double no?

My son's crazy friends... they are just like family cause they are just as crazy as we are!  

He can't see much but he knows about the candy at this point!

Mommy's little Monster!

He hit the jack pot!

See Mommy Canny (candy)!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 1 of our Halloweekend! 10/29

I love my dreads!  I was Halloween Medusa!

The Butcher and Medusa.  Me and my hubby!

Crazy Looney Lyndsie!

 Hey Macarena! The side of Michael you will never see!

Gimme some lovin' Mikey!

Cause this is Thriller!

Yeah, my little one looks really scared huh?

Chillin' with my homies!  We put a TV outside on the ground playing Halloween... it's right next to the entrance to our maze, and the first one to scare people is Michael Myers!

Doin' the Electric Slide! With my little bro!

Psycho Rio!

Can you tell which one used Gardnier Fructise!

That's my crazy family!  Hope you enjoy!


Friday, October 29, 2010

When Two Companies Collide!!!

Hiya everyone!  Welcome to our Company Collision Halloween Blog Hop!  Tiddly Inks and Simply Betty Stamps have collided and made one fun hop for you all!  

Our theme of course is Trick or Treat!  You will find wonderful Treats (cards, scrapbook pages, knick-knacks and what not) at some of the blogs, or a Trick (new teqhnique, tutorial, or other fun how to do it projects)!  You won't want to miss one blog!  

Here is my Treat! Unfortunately both blogger and YouTube did not want to cooperate with me, after 12 failed attempts from 8pm till 3am I just couldn't take it anymore so I don't have a Trick for you.  I attempted to upload the video Tutorial for the Fabric flowers you see here on my Treat card, but as I mentioned... technology had a different idea for me last night.  I will continue to give it a try here and there and when it is running I will do the tutorial on a separate post.  So sorry everyone I did try :).

I used GhoulFriend from Tiddly Inks, the paper is from Creative Imaginations.  The swirls were free hand with my Diamond Glaze and Martha Stewart Glitter.  The embellies you see in the center of the flowers are unknown, I think I picked them up at Michaels some years ago.  The flowers are made with fabric I found at Joanns.  Very simple card, but the flowers really gave it the umph it needed!

I hope you enjoy the hop and don't forget about the prizes from both companies!  You can read all about it here or here!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stampotique Designers Challenge

Hello and welcome to our Fright Night!  Today's Stampotique Designers Challenge is hosted by Valerie Wilson.  She is challenging us to create something.... Spooky, freaky, ghoulish, dreadful, dark, mysterious, creepy, ghastly, tragic, grim, shocking, wicked fun!  

So naturally I went with Karen from Stampotique!  Shes' so freaky she's cute!  That smile is classic, just makes me think that she wants Brains!  LOL  I used Booville paper by Little Yellow Bicycle as well as Karen Foster.  The fence is something I found in my Halloween stash from years ago.  The Ribbon is from Pine Cone Press and the letters are done with the Mickey Font on the Cricut!

Now don't forget to head on over to the Stampotique Designers Challenge to see all the WICKED fun the DT has come up with!  Play along for an amazing gift certificate to use for anything you can get your little inky fingers on at Stampotique Originals!  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inking Pink Awareness Hop!

Welcome to our Inking Pink Awareness Hop! Our paper crafting community spans the globe and brings all of us together under a common roof. We are grandmothers, granddaughters, mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, best friends, wives, cyber-friends and design team teammates. Many of us have family or friends touched by breast cancer and all of us want to encourage all of you to check yourself!

This hop will take you around the world, so please sit back with your morning coffee or evening tea and celebrate our stories and projects with us. Some of your fellow crafters along the hop are even offering blog candy! Please give a little comment love to each and every crafter along the way. We hope you enjoy our hop, and most of all we all want YOU to give yourself the greatest gift and do a self-check tomorrow. The more you do it, the more breast aware you will be!

Our hop starts at Patricia's blog so if you started some where else please start there.  You don't want to miss what we have for you.

Here is what I came up with for this awesome hop!  I hope you enjoy it!  I used my Rio and Betty Emo stamps and masked them together!  The sentiment is my own as well.  The paper is from Stampin' Up from 2006!  Can you believe it, four years ago!  I used Diamond glaze on the sentiment give it some umph! The Ribbon is from American Crafts!  I had lots of trouble uploading this, I hope you all enjoy it. I loved the pinkness of it!  

Now, I just want to say how very honored I am to have been a part of this blog hop.  I do not have a cancer story for you, I have never experienced a family member going through this neither.  I feel blessed in that aspect.  I give kudos and big hugs to all that have gone through hardships and the fears and worries that come with Cancer.  I know you are all strong women and I am happy to be a part of that circle!  Congratulations to all that have overcome and to those that are still battling just know that there is a sisterhood out there behind you all the way and fighting for the cause!  Leave a comment, for a chance to win six digis of your choice from my online store.  I wish you all health, happiness, and above all love and respect!
Thanks or stopping by and sharing this moment with us.  Please head on over to Bonnie's blog and share your time with her!  

In case you get lost along the way here is a list of hops.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween is a comin'!

However, here at casa De Roberts it has already begun!  Tonight was our second weekend, 3rd Annual Halloween Haunted Forest Maze!  My husband, my kids, and I are big Halloween fanatics!  Every year we have a party, but the last three years we combined it with a Haunted Maze in our back yard!  All the kids at the High School and at the Middle School that know my kids flock over here on Halloween night and weekends before the big day to walk through our Haunted Forest Maze!  It's a free maze for the community to enjoy.  Our neighbors know that during October to put their plugs in on weekends!   They all make sure to come through the maze at least once too... each year they scream their heads off!  

So, let me show you some of the make-up I do on the kids to prepare for this...

Here is my son Christian.  With some latex, face paints, and messing up his hair I can do this in 15 minutes flat now!  What's really cool is that, that really is his wild hair and he can actually move the jaw and upper mouth because it's not a mask that you slip on.

Here are my crazy Rag dolls.  The belong in our Doll Factory... it's haunted with all the dolls Rio has abandoned.  I love making them up to look this creepy!

My kooky husband lost his head!  Imagine this coming toward you in the dark and instead of the top head talking the one being held in the middle is the one talking!  LOL my husband is 6'2" then the costume adds about another 6-8 inches!  

Close up!

This is just my Puhrty fireplace with all my puhrty Pun-kins!

And the scariest of them all!  This is my Jude... he is 23 months old.  He was sooo funny tonight, the boys would growl and slide on the ground to scare people and he would do the same!  He is such a brave little guy doesn't faze him!  Too cute, then as the guests are leaving he says, "Bye bye Q Q! The Q Q  means Thank you!  It's so cute, I have to get that on tape!  He also ran around tonight and yesterday singing "Mamamaa Maish!" It's the Monster Mash he is trying to sing!  Soo cute!  My little guy!

There is so much more to come next weekend too!  It's the big Halloween Weekend woot woot!  See you all soon hope you enjoyed the pictures of my fun night with my family!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jude and his Shenanigan Crew Christmas Blog Hop!!

Merry Christmas!  Okay so it's not Christmas really, but I do have some new fun Christmas images for you all!  Jude and his Crew have begun to decorate the halls and our blogs!

My little Jude really does light up my life, so I thought this a perfect card and Sentiment for him!  I am going to put this little card in his album for him to enjoy in the future!  After all it is Jude, and believe it or not last year he got into the Christmas lights and tangled himself and his sister up!  

I used We R Memory Keepers paper Merry and Bright Collection.  The Light string is from Jo-Ann Fabric in the Misc. Christmas Crafts.  I used my Copics to color up Judester and Lables 14 from Spellbinders!

I hope you like him and have enjoyed your hoping around!  All the Shenanigan's are now available and on sale until October 31st so go ahead and stock up!  Christmas is coming up fast!  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Punky Teens Christmas new Release blog hop!

Hello everyone and welcome!  After getting together this amazing blog hop, some snags in the road, and lots of sleep deprivation I am so excited you are here!  You probably made your way over here from Angela's blog and again I welcome you!  These new images are quickly becoming a favorite out there!  The Punky Teens may not hit a very large audience, but they have hit quite a few of you and I am so excited about it!  Thank you for the continued support!  Now let's meet the  Christmas Punky Teens (now available at Simply Betty Stamps .com)!

First off we have Becky... is that not the classic face for I am sooo addicted to Candy Canes!  Love those cyber locks in her hair too!  
Next up is Jimmi... he is looking pretty upset that he went through all the trouble of taking of his sock to find nothing in it!  Maybe he should have hung it by the fire place eh?

Now Margo... she is one of my favorites in this line, she looks so sweet with that gift hiding behind her back, her furry hoodie, and cool messenger bag! 
Randy is a little bit quirky, holding on tight to that big Santa Sack of hers!  
Tristan is ready to trim that tree!  Is he the cutest little guy or what!?

Trixie really got into the spirit of gifting!  

I hope you enjoy these images!  I look forward to seeing them pop up all over the place! 

Here is the blog hop order and don't forget to head back to the Simply Betty Challenges to upload your card for a guest DT spot in November!

Here is the hop list in case you get lost along the way:

Knott's Scary Farm!

What a night!  It's the second time we hit Knott's Scary Farm, but this time we had a group of 10!  It was totally awesome!  So much to see, so much screaming... my voice is super raspy today!  LOL  I had the pleasure of being in between my husband Christopher and my ex husband Christopher (yep both Christophers no typo) during the haunted mazes!  So I was semi-covered!  But the ghosts, goblins, monsters, and dead people can smell fear!  So they would single me out every now and again.  Of course they singled out my daughter Rio, her friend Meghan and my friend Lyndsie!  The three of them were so cute huddle together at every maze, and then would scream all together as if in sync!  It was like stereo surround sound at times!  Those girls have a set of lungs boy!  Here are some really awesome pictures we took.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures we really had a blast!

Rio and Steampunk Ghoul

Me and the same Steampunk Ghoul! I still have a little extra maternal tissue but I am working on it! LOL

My ex-husband Christopher to the right and his friend Sam with one of the clowns stomping around scaring people half to death with his horn! 

Same clown, with Rio my daughter and her friend Meghan.

 Lyndsie, Meghan and Rio waiting for Inferno.  A super cool fire dancers, they did really awesome stuff with fire torches, fire hula-hoops, all sorts of fun fire stuff!

Turned out that Sam my ex-husband's friend is a good friend of one of the dancers from Inferno so the kids got to meet the cast... That big kid with the goofy smile in between the two dancers to the left... is my husband!  I let him slide this one time with the sexy girls lol!

Now the ex-husband with the sexy girls.. I am so telling his wife!  LOL Isn't it funny... both the ex and the current are Christophers but they are so different!  Guess our tastes change as we grow... Christopher #1 was during my rock and roll days and I was very young.  Christopher #2 is more mellow and slow and family oriented... not that the first one isn't but he's still very comfortable being alone more than surrounded by family all the time!  

This vampire lady followed Rio for 10 minutes!  Finally Rio said, "Okay mom take a picture so she leaves me alone and see's I am not scared anymore!"  Aren't the costumes just rad!?

Traivs with the same Steampunk Ghoul!  He was so funny, he would put the dead head he was carrying around in your face and make kissy noises!  He wanted you to kiss the head!  He was on stilts too so super tall and would come out of nowhere!

The kids waitin for the show from left to right: Rio mydaughter, her friends Meghan and Lynsdie, Travis is Meghan's brother and a complete fun fool to be around, my son's girlfriend Paige, and my son Christian.  The six of them had such a blast it made it super fun for me and the rest of the adults!

Not bad for a night out with the kids eh?  Super fun stuff.  We still have to check out Magic Mountain's Fright Fest!  Woot woot!  I can't wait.  Too bad the little one is still to small for all this fun!

SDC #17

Welcome all you Stampotique fans!  I am this week's host for Stampotique Designer's Challenge Blog!  Woot woot!  Today, being October and all I wanted to do something other than a card... something fun for Halloween.  What's more fun that receiving a Treat bag?  Even more fun would be a Treat bag, box, or tin with Stampotique Images!  I mean they are sooo spooky and cool right?  So, for this week the gals at Stampotique Designers Challenge Blog have created fun Treat containers to inspire you.

Here is mine... I used Mink and Halloween Cube 2 by Daniel Torrente found at Stampotique Originals!  Aren't they just the cutest!?  The paper is Haunted by Reminisce, and the alphas are from K& Co.  I used my Copics to color in all the images, and the bow is from Michaels.  I am so excited that I was able to give away this treat bag right away!  To my favorite teller at my bank!  She was so amazed and happy with it... she's not a stamper so she thought it was super super cool!  Hope you all enjoy it as well!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog award...

This is so sweet... I got this award from scrapy sammiej! 

1. Thank you so much Scrapy Sammeij!!  So sweet!

2. Put the award on my blog:

3. List 3 things about yourself: 
Love long funky socks
 Love popcorn with Ketchup
I am so anal I have to have 2 of everything so that when one gets dirty/wasted
 I have one that is still new and pretty!

4. Post a Pic you love:

Big Brother and New little brother 2009

5. Pass on to 5 people:

2. Simply Betty Challenges DT Gals! (yeah I know that's a little sneaky)

Wish I could give it to all my followers and wonderful customers!

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