Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Hop Release...something like that right?

Is it a blog hop, or is it a new Stamp release?  Both... so it's a Blog Hop Release!  Whoohoo!

Welcome on this fine Friday everyone!  I hope you have enjoyed all the previews the gals have been preparing for you all week, they have done an amazing job eh?  Now all you have to do is hop along to view the final Summer Zombie image which happens to be Miller!  Whoohoo!  Miller and his little worm are just too funny if you ask me... they remind me of bickering teens!  Here is what I came up with, and Sunday night I will be uploading six cards going into a fun Summer Zombie Kit for you all so don't forget to check back!  Now before I send you off to Carla which is your next stop, remember that one lucky person to leave a comment here on my blog will win Christian Summer Zombie digi!  So get to commenting and get to hopping!  Hope you like my Miller card and have fun at Carla's!

Here is the blog hop list for reference: 
Start here:Betty - Christian Summer Zombie
Carla - Rio Summer Zombie
Cheri - London Summer Zombie
Lady B - Miller Summer Zombie
Jennifer- Lola Summer Zombie
Tracey - Betty Summer Zombie
End here: SBS - all six!  Whoohoo!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun, in the California Zombie Sun!

Now that song is going to be stuck in your head!  Ha!
Well hello everyone... long time no blog eh?  Sorry I have been busy busy, with new stuff that's soon to come!  But I managed to actually play with some of my own schtuff!  Whooohoo!  

Now as you all know the release is going on at Simply Betty Stamps blog spot, but in case you didn't you can check it all out here!  

Today we are previewing Summer Zombie Betty!  Isn't she just the Cah-yutest!?  I love her!  And I am not just being bias!  Hee hee.
Here is my card outside and in!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just because...

Hiya all!  I have a Just Because I wanted to craft card today.  My friend Cheri did it last week, she crafted for herself... and I thought how brilliant!  Sometimes we get so caught up in DT, stuff, work stuff and just other stuff we forgot why we got into all this... for the love of it all!

So today I made this, for fun but actually I did make it for someone, just not anyone on blogger or anything like that.  I won't say for who cause it's got to go in the mail as a surprise :)  Hope you like it... I am sooo loving these Zombie Teens!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a Zombie invasion...

Zombies are so popular now a days!  I thought I'd bring them into my stampy world! 
 I have just released these for full details and discounts visit Simply Betty Stamps or Simply Betty Challenges!
I have had so much fun with these! I used all BoBunny WHoo-ligans paper and they fit so perfectly, almost very 80ish colors!  Well enough bable...

Let's get crackin'... here are my 
 Zombie Teens!

Zombie Lola.. is she cute or what... I mean sure she's missing a bit of her face there, but the rest is cute no?  Look at the cutie little rat she has! Card by Betty

Zombie Betty...quite the hottie I think, again a bit missing, but still as cute as a Zombie can get! Card by Betty

Zombie London...with that awesome flowing hair how can you go wrong in creating loads of cutenesses (is that a word?) love the expression on that kitty cat! Card by Betty

Zombie Miller... funny as ever with his pet worm!  Think the worm is cheating and looking at his video game secrets? Card by Betty

Zombie Rio...she is KAH_YUTE!  No?  Look at my little bookworm, just so cute and purpley! Card by Betty

Zombie Christian...that boy in real life never has his head on right, so this was perfectly fitted for him!  Always has that grumpy look too! LOL Card by Betty

Zombie teen Sentiments...thought I'd give it a try, these are by yours truley and they come in a complete set! Also all available online at!

Well what did you think?  Now don't you worry there is much more of the Zombie teens coming, the DT is preparing more fun projects and they will be posting all week long!

All these Zombie Teens are now available in the store in both Digi and Rubber today!

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