Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Lizzy....

Ahoy again!  Did you all enjoy my preview from yesterday?  I sure hope so! 

I have been having a blast with this new line of mine!  So excited to show you all the rest like Lizzy here.... isn't she cute?  Makes me wonder what she's thinking about.. you put your right hip in, you put your right hip out... no?  hee hee sorry that song popped into my head because of the two year old we are trying to teach it to him... and his left and right!

I used more Rusty Pickle paper from 2006!  Wow that is a long time ago an sadly it's not the oldest paper I own.  I have been hoarding so much fun paper that now when I do my projects I can't make kits or even direct you all where to get it cause it's gone :( but it was fun using it :)  Even the heart with skully stamp in the middle is from way back then, I don't even remember the company... I want to say My Sentiment's Exacly?  Yeah it is!  Wow that was 2006 too!


chrilvian said...

ooooooooo love it
i made a card with summerzombie
i cant wait to make a pirate card with ypur images

chrilvian said...

hhhmm i hope in the future there wil me some bettybabies or bettymermaids
or a weddingcouple sounds great,hihihihi

TRACEY O said...

Fantastic. Love the colours.

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