Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diamonds, Rubbies, and Pearls oh my!

When this goes live I will be sitting comfortably (half asleep, but fighting every yawn) at Cinemark in Victorville, probably watching previews of what's to come to theaters... don't you hate how much they drag out the darn previews... give me Johnny already!!!

This is Maxine, she has found the love of her life as I watch mine (not really, the real love of my life is at home snoozing with the toddler) on the big screen!  She is just too cute!  I loooved all the bling I added on this one!  The gem flowers are so 3D I will not be able to put it in an envelope!  Papers are from the same lines as the others.  Hope you like her, I think she is going to look really cool with some pink hair... just some ideas floating around in my head!  

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