Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st Circle Book Club

Okay, I am running behind on our Circle book club, but it is nearly complete. Oh oh and I am going to go ahead and share my very first book Club as a sample. The one I am doing now with our current members is nearly complete, just want it absolutely perfect! I didn't take my time with this one when I first did it, and as you will see it is not the greatest!

So I covered the whole book with fabric, and different strips of ribbon. The fence is balsa wood as is the sign. I distressed them both in black and wrote on the sign with stickles.
Then my first page gives the instructions oh what I would like everyone to do for my book. On this one I asked everyone to do a Halloween layout, they were to add pictures if they wanted to. I asked that the first thing everyone do is go to the next two pages which are the sign in pages.
I had stamped wicked dolls for everyone. I asked everyone to color the doll, decorate her, do what they want with her and on the back place a photo of themselves and their page layout number so all can see which page they did. They then would insert the doll back in their designated pocket. The next two pages was my own double page layout on my theme. I hope you all like it, and remember this is not the book you will be getting. I will be posting that one once it is done.

Here are a few closer looks at the sign in page.

Also, the new book I made is 8x8. I am so excited about it, it is currently drying in various areas as we speak. That is why I couldn't get the pictures on here... I always, always stick my fingers, hair, hands, whatever gets near it, on the wet parts like the stickles, the diamond glaze, embossing powder, what ever I just always mess it up. So this time I thought, I better let it dry before I more it around and take pictures!

So, I am so looking forward to October 15th. That is our first switch! Yippee! My book will be going to Steph, then hers will go to Rio, then Rio's will go to Elaine, and so on and so on. I will be getting Nely's first, and I am sooo excited cause I have never done a page with music, I got all kinds of goodies for this page! Actually, I got all kinds of goodies for everyone's pages! Woot woot!

Oh and ladies please be on the look out for a special welcome package from me in the next week or so! I think you are all going to love it!

Talk to you all soon! Happy Circle Book Clubin'!



Sweet Escape said...

dang betty!!!, you rocked this little book out!!,,i better get going on mine!!! yours is awesome!!

scrap_in_time said...

Wow!!! You have made me feel completely out of my league.

Scrappy Witch said...

Aww, don't feel like that! You are just as good! I have seen your work lady!


Nancy said...

this book is just the cutest little Halloween book...I really love Halloween..I get to act like a kid...heehee...I can't wait to see your new book..I should be able to post mine this week you say, WOOT WOOT!!!

Carol said...

Hi Betty,
You did a wonderful job on your book using our stamps. I will forward this on to Daniel, the artist. He loves seeing what others do with his art! Great job! Carol@Stampotique

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