Monday, October 12, 2009

Circle Journal Book #2

Okay so here it is! My newest creation for my Circle Journal book! This is my second, and yes I did it on Halloween again, I have sooo many Halloween photos so it makes sense! That and I just love, love, love Halloweeen. But I know I don't have to say that cause everyone knows that by now! Eeeek! Or Woot woot! That seems to have become my little "watermark" maybe we should call our Circle Journal the Woot Woot gals! LOL! Here it is anyway I hope you like it!

Here is the front cover.
The instructions page.
My Sign in Page.
On the sign in page the ladies will pull out a tag which has their name and
a Witch's shoe on the front. On the back I have asked they put their picture
and page numbers of their creation.
Finally my two page layout on my theme. It's a little simple, but
still pretty I think. I usually do so much more on my books, but
I was feeling more simple but elegant. I hope I achieved this!
I hope it inspires a few people out there and I hope at the very least
you all enjoy it!
Halloween Hugs! (that's a regular hug, but with candy corn and candy apples all over it)



scrap_in_time said...

Wow!!! Super cute!!! I still have a lot of work to do by the weekend.

Sweet Escape said...

holey moley miss betty!!! circle journal is retarded compared to yours!!!...yours is awesome!!!

Nancy said...

this is just darling Betty...and what a fun theme you chose...I just love Halloween...

Heather said...

OK, well this is JUST THE CUTEST! What fun .. each picture brought even more eye pleasing fun! I love the tags, lol!!!

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