Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am BACK!

Hello everyone! I have not been to active here and I am so sorry. I have had a couple of busy weeks! I have been slacking on my paper crafting and been neglecting my scrapbook area! My cricut just chirps at me faintly as I pass it by in a busy hussle! Well, no more I tell ya! All my loose ends are taken care of and I can go back to my quiet and peacful scraping on a daily basis!

So, to my wonderful Circle club ladies, I am so terribly sorry for not posting my samples. I promise you tomorrow, oh wait it is 5 minutes to midnight...Today Sept. 30th I promise to have that book sample up! So please check back in maybe after dinner.

Hope you all didn't forget me!


P.S. we adopted a new kitty...watcha think? Okay, it's just my daughter Rio, I did the face painting for an event we held for the community to offer programs like Girl Scouts! Yep, I am a Girl Scout leader too, on top of all that I do! I painted 174 faces that day, man was my back in pain! My daughter had a blast, so it was worth the two days of back pain! Doesn't she look great! I love how she indulges me on my face painting, scrapbooking, love for Halloween! She is often my practice canvas for all my creativity, and doesn't complain!


Sweet Momiji said...

Hey Betty! Glad to see you back! I was getting worried about ya!
Your daughter's face looks awesome!
I can't wait to see what you all come up with on the book circle. I wish I had been able to join you...oh well, if you all do it again, let me know!
Anyhoo, again, glad your back!

Sweet Escape said...

yay!!..betty is back!!...rad face painting!!,,i haven't even started my journal!!..i need to get goin on it!!!

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