Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost 35 and my first cavity!

Ok, so I am freaking out! When I was pregnant with Jude I went to the dentist and they discovered my first cavity....ever!! To make matters worst, I was told it was so close to the root that I would be needing a root canal done. Great...pain, I don't like it. I know how is it that I bore children right. So, this discovery was made before I knew I was PG, so we scheduled the root canal for three weeks later. Well, luck me (or so I thought) I found out I was PG and of course my doctor was against it until after the pregnancy because of the drugs or something. So, I went on with this tiny cavity close to my root...that thing spread fast! So one night I am having my favorite snack...popcorn...big mistake! It cracked my tooth! OOOuch! But, again nothing could be done, I wasn't even in pain after the initial crack. Now, I am in pain and now that tooth has to come out and a cap has to be put in place...yikes! Is this pain like labor pain? Will I die from major pain? I am so scared! Nov. 3rd is black day for hoo boo hoo hoo! Anyone have this done before, can you tell me if its horrible pain? I may just cancel! I know what a chicken, but you don't understand I am such a sissy for pain, especially when it's not necessary! Child birth, well that is necessary...but tooth and mouth why is that necessary!


PaperCrafty said...

So sorry to hear that you are in pain!! I have never had a cap but had a root canal last year. I think I was more nervous since that was my first time getting anything done. I didn't feel anything. Hang in there!!

Sweet Escape said...

Betty! you are so funny!!..if your dentist is good, it wont hurt a bit!!!..i work in a dental office and we do these daily!! will be happy once its done cuz the pain will be gone!! and its weird cuz even though you were pregnant you should have still been able to do all the work!!..there is no harm to the baby!!...oh and side note!!..i got my book!!..eek..did you get mine yet??

Scrappy Witch said...

I know, I am probably being such a baby, but still very nervous. Thanks for the support ladies! I really appreciate it!


Sweet Momiji said...

I have never had a root canal. But I am sure that you will be just fine! Make your family baby you for a few days! lol
Here's something that you may enjoy. I found this blog and thought of you. She has some awesome free Halloween diji stamps that she drew herself. I love the two with the shoes! (You will know which one's I'm talking about!)

Have a great day and try not to worry yourself!

Nancy said...

They have to make sure that there is no infection first before they can do anything. But might I suggest, get it done. My brother had gotten cancer from an infectious tooth that he had never gotten taken care of. And the infection from the tooth went into his blood stream. He ended up passing away nine months after they told him. I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but it's a good thing to go get it taken care of. There is little pain, but it does go away and with meds you probably won't feel much of it anyways. Hope you feel better soon...

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