Monday, October 26, 2009

Haunted Weekend!

Okay sorry I have been MIA! We had our first run at our Haunted forest. We own an empty lot right next to our home so we turned it into our back yard...but for Halloween we turned it into a Haunted forest for the community. It turned out to be very popular! I helped build it and did the crazy face painting...and I was too scared to go through it! I did and I screamed just like in the B movies, but it was all in good fun! So here are some pics and I hope you enjoy it!

Okay so, here is my son, he was sooo creepy cause he is very thin, tall and just worked this mask perfectly. He would just slowly peep his head and body around corners and just scare everyone...including me!!
See what I mean!
This was my first try at scary face painting, I think I did well!
More scary make-up my daughter Rio, she was a demented doll!
This kid Jessie on of my son's friends really played his part well, he blended into the forest so you just couldn't tell where he was, then he would sneak on the floor to another point and bam! There I would go screaming!
Michael Myers, always a scary situation with him around, and he too was great in his part, walked slow like him, and would just stare at you just creepy!
See there goes Christian sneeking in the background! Just creepy!

So....whatcha think?! We had such a good turn out, and it was just our first weekend! This weekend seeing how it is actually Halloween, I am sure we are going to be bombarded! My husband and the kids are having such a blast! Well, I guess the saying is correct...The family that scares together, stays together! Even my little one was okay with everyone's spooky make-up and all! What a trooper eh?

Hope you all enjoy!



Sweet Escape said...

Woa! betty!!..thats awesome!!!...i wish i lived close by so i could check it out in person!!...your son does look like he could scare the heck out of someone!!!...and the face've got some awesome talent girly!!!...your daughter looks awesome!!...i love it!!!..halloween is soo fun!!

PaperCrafty said...

WOW!! This looks awesome Betty!! I bet it really was a hit. There is nothing like this around here.

Kristen said...

Looks like a GREAT time. What a creative makeup artist you are, what a talent. I love that you guys did this for the neighborhood. Have a spooktacular day!!!

Kendra said...

That's so cool! Looks like everyone had a blast... wait, they really just look scary LOL... love them all, you did a great job!

Nancy said...

wowza girl...this looks really great...I wish I lived closer..I would love to come and visit...and your make-up you did turned out are so talented and very creative girl...loved all of the photos...

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