Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three more days!!

Till Knott's Scary Farm! I am sooo super excited! Last year I missed out on a lot of activities in the month of October due to little Jude cooking in the oven! He wasn't even due till January, but came early in November. I mean, if he was going to be a premie, why didn't he come Ocotber 31st instead of November 30th right!? Just kidding, that would have been really bad, it was heart breaking as it was being a premie at 36 weeks! I thank god every night when I look over at him peaceful and healthy and breathing, that he is here! Okay, I have strayed my kids have two weeks off and we are going to do as much as possible, we are heading to Disneyland for two days on Tuesday for all the fun Halloween decor, the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted mansion. A couple of haunted houses as well because my husband his son and my 15 year old son want to do a haunted back yard this year. So my hubby says it's research. Yeah when I die of a heart attack from the haunted houses, they can research my body at med school!! LOL I know, then how can I go to Knott's right? Well, I hang out by the funnel cake stand, and duck under my husbands shirt when I can, and I really go for all the shows more than the haunted mazes! Okay I should go create now.



Sweet Momiji said...

That sounds so much fun!! I love going to all out local Haunted forests and houses and stuff like that! Also, love going down to Ripley's haunted adventures during Fright nights. (during halloween)

Hope you have a good time. Take some pics!!!

Talk to ya later!

Sweet Escape said...

woot woot!!..have mega fun miss betty!!!

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