Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st!

Happy Halloween! It's finally here...just like Christmas for some of is my day! WOOT WOOT! Can't wait, we literally bought over 1000 pieces of candy. Last night we ran our little Haunted forest again since we made the front cover of the newspaper, we had over 100 visitors last night...and everyone donated! My crazy hubby is out buying more props with those donations! Crazy man! I will be back later tonight with pictures! I am going to get started on my costume right now! Woot woot!



PaperCrafty said...

Happy Halloween Betty!!

Sweet Momiji said...

Happy Halloween Betty! Glad that your Haunted Forest is going great! We went to the one here last night. It was AWESOME!!

POPPET said...

This made me smile, i love Halloween, its the start of a whole new year!! we even had some little ones dressed up this year, usually its grown up kids but it was so cute, big hugs Pops x

Sweet Escape said...

can't wait to see the pics!! and your costume!!

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