Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolution #7

What is my New Year's Resulotion #7... to craft more, for me.  I am constantly drawing, planning, coloring, and crafting for my SBS stuff... not that I mind!  However, I never get to do my Canvas layouts, or just craft for fun anymore.  It is fun to do my own stamps of course, but sometimes I want to just scrapbook or create without having to meet deadlines.  

It is time to start that baby album... errr for my now 18 year old, the 13 year old and the 3 year old!  My gosh, I bet Shutterfly hates me!  So many thousands of uploaded pictures and not one order!  LOL

This week I finished all my projects for the upcoming release, oh yeah, we have a preview in the New Year, right on the first day of the year!  So stay tuned for the first preview... but for today let me just share what I have been able to work on now that I have the business stuff in order...

I took this picture of Jude holding daddy's hand at the Autopia line waiting to get into their little car and drive off... thank goodness they only drove off for five minutes!  

I have no idea what setting I used, but the picture turned out so nice, even the kids said it looked like a pro had taken it!  I loved it even more when I uploaded it and made it black and white.  I had it printed in 8x10 and again loved it in black and white.  Today, I thought it needed just a little bit of color... so I experimented with my Copic Y02!  To my delight it did just what I wanted it to do... just tint it, bring out his little shirt.  You see, this was one of my absolute favorite little outfits of Jude's.  In this picture Jude is only about a year and a half.  The Overalls outfit was for a 24 month old, but my 1 and a half year old was already outgrowing it.  He's a big kid!  I couldn't bare to do away with the Overalls, but I knew there was no point in keeping something that doesn't fit him!  So, I took a piece of it... the little pocket.  I gave the outfit to my mom for her neighbor that had just had a baby boy, she was a bit upset that I tore out the pocket, but I didn't tear the Overalls at all... and I really don't care!  LOL I wanted my little guys pocket!  He would always put his little hand in there and say, "Where's it Mommy?"  In the sweetest little 1 1/2 year old voice ever!   The layout will be mounted on a canvas and hung on Jude's wall, each kid has wall in our home.  It is simple, and was a fast creation, but I think the sweetest things sometimes are simple.  This little pocket and it's story is one of the most simple pleasures associated with a memory about my little Jude.  I think it was fitting to be made simple but sweet!

I hope you enjoyed it, the paper is from my stash, so I am very happy I finally used it!  It is from Animal Crackers Jack from Making Memories.  I have had that since I first opened my store back in 2006 something like that!  LOL  

Now, don't faint, but I may actually post a new one again tomorrow... I am on a roll!  Listening to Jewel these past few days has gotten me in such a crafty mood... actually just plugging in my iPod and letting it shuffle from Jewel to Metallica, to the Sex Pistols, to the Tangled Soundtrack (I know what a mix eh) has really gotten me in the crafty mood!

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