Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's really looking a lot like Christmas outside...

WOW!  We got snow!  Awesome, beautiful white powdery stuff!  I love gloomy days perfect for crafting, soup making and baking!

Check out my back deck this morning!

Okay, well I am not here for the snow report, I have a fun and super cute new release.  It is a quick one again, sorry to report due to our struggles with Christian's therapy and stuff.  I wish I could have given it more time and everyone a bit more time to enjoy our last release, but things are getting really stressful for us.  But, let us move on to the fun stuff....

Here are Ali, Ariel, Oscar, Jude, and Lilly, 5 out of eight new Jude and the Rockers Christmas release!
Sorry, they are a bit plain, I had to work under the gun!

 Mistleholly Brittany
 (mistleholly cause she's asking for kisses with a Holly, not a Mistletoe leaf)

Carrost for Rudolph Ariel

Cookies for Santa Jude

Christmas Morning Oscar

Big Gift Lilly (man I want PJs like that)

I do hope you like our newest images, and see you all really soon for a fun new 12 days of..... (can you guess?) think Betty, think fun, think quirky, think of fun twists to certain Holidays!


jessica said...

These are adorable!!

Lelia Pierce said...

It's really hard to choose my fave...but you know I'm partial to Ariel. Fabulous job, B!


Janine said...

great work
pretty colours and lovely images

zunairsocialpluto said...

Mistleholly Sensed Xmas Storing PDF style. Create some as presents with little presents inside and stitched name on the outside. Heres the new style for 15 inches felt Xmas tights, such as both a mistletoe and the mom applique style. You can keep with one style or mix and coordinate. And of course the color options are many. Create some to coordinate your modest decorations or your light red Xmas shrub.

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