Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday little guy!

OMG! I watched the weather for sooo long to be sure that nothing was going to disturb Jude's 1st birthday and all was well! Not really, we woke up Saturday to 4 inches of snow! I had just emailed a DT pal how I wish we had some real winter weather and BAM! I didn't mean like right then, it could have waited till 5 on Sunday after the party! Next time I am going to be really specific! Like..."Okay I wish for Johnny Depp, in his Willy Wonka, no Pirates outfit at my front door ready to swoosh me (yes it's a technical term; swoosh) to his private island! Yes, my hubby is okay with JD doing this, he is the only many I am allowed to be swooshed away by! Little does he know Gerard Buttler is in love with me (he just doesn't know it yet)!

Okay okay, there I go straying somewhere else! Anyhow, so it snowed us in for my babies 1st b-day. Luckily we have a large garage and saved it! It was pretty interesting though, to see his big brother Scott (14) and daddy BBQ in the snow!

My favorite was the smash cake time! He was soooo tired by the time we got around to cake that he was falling asleep while digging into it! Of course for a one year old party... it seems that we have to do it in sessions...cause of naps ya know! We did the Hoedown Throwdown dance, he played musical chairs with mommies help, mommy and daddy made fools of themselves donut bobbing! It was a blast! Today the 30th is his actual birthday and he is still sooo tuckered out he hasn't gotten around to unwrapping all his gifts...Grandma and the aunties over did it! He had a mountain of gifts!Here are a few pictures I would love to share with you all!

My little Buckaroo... You can tell he is already getting tired and the party had not yet begun!

Me and the little guy... I swear I am not that big, they say that the camera adds 10lbs...and no there are not 10 cameras on me!
Daddy bobbing for donuts! Yes I did it too, but they don't dare catch that on camera!

Snow BBQ-in', yes my husbands 14 year old son is now taller than he! See what I have to look forward to!
From bottom to top to the right; Daddy (Chris), big brother Scott, big brother Christian, mommy, and big sister Rio!
Oooh gimmie that cake!
We asked him if he liked the cake and his party and all he had to say was, "YYeah!" Too funny!


Ann said...

oh your photos are just adorable - especially the last one. Glad the party was a success - it looks like everyone had a an absolute blast of a time.

Ann xxx

PaperCrafty said...

The pics are adorable Betty!! That is way too funny about the snow!! We are just north of San Francsico so it doesn't snow here at all. You have to go up in the mountains.

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