Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Candy for a cause...

Hello stampers I have found that we are some of the most caring and bonding type of ladies there are out there!

This post, brings tears to my eyes, but it is for a great cause! Recently as I was blog hopping to summerthymestudio I came across the cutest stamp from Pink Cat Studio. As I read about the digi stamp for a fundraiser my heart sank! It is a fundraiser for Sara, she just lost her 3 year old son. I know we all feel that no mother should ever have to go through this pain. No loved one really, but as a mother myself, I can tell you it really hits you to hear of the passing of a child. If you could spare a little time this weekend to hop on over to Pink Cat Studio and purchase this little digital stamp, I am sure it will go a long way! Check out summerthymestudio for more information.

Another generous person that Vicki pointed out is Kim. She is asking all us talented and caring stampers to send warm and caring cards to the family. You can check out her blog here.

Thank you all for taking time to send out happy thoughts to the Anderson family in their difficult time.

Lot's of love and hugs to everyone!


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Kim said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful post Betty! You ROCK! And thanks again for your kindness and help, I greatly appreciate it hun!

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