Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall is here (well for us for now)!

It's a perfect Saturday! The wind is howling, the clouds are building and we are supposed to get hit with rain again! It has been like this for a couple of days now. The mornings are sunny, but then the wind kicks in, the clouds and bam! We are slammed with rain! I love it! Rio and I have set up outside of our scrap area because I need more room to work in for all my projects today! Plus she has three days off from school! I promised her we would do the Harry Potter thing, a marathon of all five movies we have so far. I am going to make some yummy chili in the crock, muffins, key lime cheese ball, cookies, pop corn, and just all her favorite snacks and set it up all day as if we were hosting a crop...but this is going to be Rio and mommy's private Harry Potter Marathon crop! I am even going to see if I can talk my 15 year old son to draw me some pictures for some of the layouts I have in mind! He is an awesome artist. I draw a little check out this drawing/LO I did of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Yes, I really did draw him. I then scanned my drawing to preserve it, and did a sepia tone when I reprinted. I keep the original in a safe with all my other precious drawings and work of art!

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Sweet Momiji said...


That is just gorgeous...... ;)

Maybe you should offer a copy of HIM as a prize at Scrapbooking Stampede! lol

And your Harry Potter marathon sounds so fun. I've been wanting to do something like that with a few friends. Actually when abc family has their HP marathon, I pretty much watch it all. Even though I have all the movies too! lol

Hope you all get ALOT finished!!


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