Friday, September 4, 2009

Pile It On Challenge #13

Round and round we go! This is my entry for Pile it on challenge #13, as you can see there are many circles. I loved using these colors together it turned out so vibrant! I love doing these canvas wall layouts. I have so many pictures, that I thought, hey why not scrap them and hang them instead of just letting them sit in a photo box because they have not particular theme! Then I started doing themed ones, so now I change them all year long...Halloween goes up in Halloween, Christmas in Christmas, and well you get the picture. But a lot of these like ones of the kids when they were younger or just random ones stay up in my hall way all year round! I think that beats any store bought home decoration or knick knack don't you?!

1 comment:

Sweet Momiji said...

That is so cute!! I love the idea of putting them on a canvas. I've been wanting to cover a canvas with just pretty scrapbook paper. Never thought about doing an actual layout on one. Awesome idea!


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