Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Creating Area

After the closing of my shop my daughter and I were so sad because we thought that our time together without the boys was going to end. Well, it actually turned out that I was about to get the best of both worlds! I would be able to stay home with baby, and scrap with Rio! Not just pull out some tables either and just set up whenever we could. At the shop the best part was that we had tables set up all the time, and all our tools were at our finger tips. Well, my hubby turned Rio's room into the unltimate girlie room, with scrap tables and all! Check it out! What do ya think! We love this room, she comes home and has a space for her homework, after dinner and chores we can sit for at least two hours and do some scrappin! I have been scrappin more than ever since this room was turned into our little area. Rio is so generous and I am so thankful that she doesn't mind sharing her room with mom! I just love our pink creating room! And yes...I am insanely organized and a neat freak! I even have my pantry in alphabetical order! I know I am sick! Any who, my hubby put our room together, he made the shelves and the tables. He stained them and all. He did a wonderful job as he did with my shop when we opened it. If any of you had the chance to come in to our shop when it was open you would agree what a wonderful job he did. Of course I drew out the "plans" or "blue prints" of how I wanted my shop and he brought it out of the paper and into the shop. My little shop was so warm and so welcoming and just beautiful...oh oh I think I am going to cry! I miss my shop so much! However, I will have it again one day, Jude needs mommy right now.

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Kristy Young said...

OMG I am drooling over all your goodies!!! And what an awesome craft space!

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