Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Circle Book Club

Hello everyone! I woke up today totally inspired to start a new project, but I would need 11 more ladies to participate! It is called a Full Circle Book Club, I am sure many of you have heard of it. No? Okay so this is how it works...

You get 12 ladies together. Each lady will choose a them to make an album of. You will completely decorate the front of your album, an introduction page with instructions, a sign in page and a two page layout on your theme. You will then mail off your book to the next person. The person before you will have mailed off her book to you to work on a two page layout on her theme. Each person can decided weather they prefer only pages with out photos so you can add your own photo to their layout on their album, or photos of themselves to get to know that person a little better. At the end you will get back your own book full of different page layouts about your theme and can be used as an idea book! Just imagine 11 new ideas and designs from all over the country! So, come on who's with me! Post a comment with your contact info if you are interested. I will put each person interested in the order the sign up. I will be the first of course since I am trying to get it all going!

I will of course do mine and post it as a sample for everyone else to get them inspired!

I look forward to starting this and can't wait to see some of the fun and creative designs I will get back on my theme!


Steph said...

Hi Betty! I think this sounds fun. I've heard of the circle journal thing, but hadn't really known anyone interested either. Please email me (love4ssm@gmail.com) and I will send you my contact information. :)

Sweet Momiji said...

Hey! That sounds like a cool idea! You'll have to let me know if you get enough people interested. I may want to join. I'm really not sure though, my school starts monday and my craft time will me limited.... sniff, sniff.
Will you have a certain time limit to complete the pages? And, do you do the same pages for each book?
Snce there are 12 layouts, it would be kinda cool to have each person take one month and desin a page for it. You know, like feb. would definitely be Valentines, July would be independece, you get the idea. Or some other type of theme would be neat.
But anywhoo, I shall stop my ramblings now. But, just let me know when you get more people and more info.


Scrappy Witch said...

Great! I have three interested so far! Just eight more to go! Aww no more time or limited time for scrapbooking? :( I feel your pain. Once I reopen the shop I have no time for my own scrapbooking. Well your book could be about seasons or you could assign the next person you send it off to a month or ask them to do the month of so and so. It would be lots of fun, I did one on seasons once and the stuff I got back were amazing! Great ideas, great layouts and not many people added photos so I got to used them spaces for my own! I do hope you and your sister can join I love your work and Heather's!

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