Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Halloween Summer...forget Christmas in July!

Okay so after three days of unpacking, washing, dusting, and so on...most of my Halloween decor in the house is done. I love our Pumpkin fireplace! I love witches and this little redheaded witch has beautiful fiber optics that change colors constantly. I got her from Avon of all places! The book you see on the table is my Halloween album. I made it myself using the Zutter binding system and lots and lots of ribbon and fabric to cover it with. Each strip is either a ribbon or turned out so nice! As you walk in my front door the first thing you see is a Halloween table. I have had that haunted house for years! The mirror unfortunately over exposed everything along with the flash so you can't really see the beautiful fiber optic lights on the tree but it all looks so dazzaling lit up! Oh an the kitchen, I love the table setting, my kids love eating cereal out of the cauldrons I found at a party supply store. The two large cauldrons are actually hot apple cider servers, and the cake platter in the middle was just to adorable to pass up at Dept. 56! I have had the cookie jar and mugs on the counter for ages! I hate it when you buy something and the next year it's gone. I need two one more mug to make it a Roberts family set...oh well Jude will have to have his own new designer mug. It won't match the set and that will drive my anal butt crazy, but nothing I can do! Well, that's all for now, yep each year I add more and more. I even gave my hubby two extra weeks before he had to get started on the outside of the house...the truth is I haven't finished the paper mache figures! This year I am going to do a Nightmare Before Christmas scene out of paper mache. This way I can keep it up till Christmas...just add a Santa suit! I can't wait to see how my vision turns out! Wish me luck!


Sweet Momiji said...

OMG! I love your table setting!!! You have a ton of stuff!! Do you just decorate your main rooms like the living room, kitchen, and dining room? Or do you do bedrooms and other rooms too??

It looks awesome!

Scrappy Witch said...

I do the main rooms, and the guest bathroom. But I have not yet found this years decorations for it. I change that every year. I do have tons of stuff...I didn't even put it all out. I decided to kinda down size this time, for now that is. I am going to have a yard sale with some of the old stuff I got rid of and get newer stuff this year. Not that I have a lot of room as you saw, but I will make it fit! Just like we can make a lot fit on a page right? :)

Lisa said...

OMG!!! You can charge admission, it's beautiful!

Scrappy Witch said...

LOL. You are too sweet! I have been pestering my husband about making a maze in our back yard this don't encourage me? :)

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