Sunday, August 2, 2009

Costumes everywhere!

Okay, so I am now on day three of setting up for Halloween, and I just can't get it done! Usually I am so excited that it is done in 8 hours or less, this time it's been three days! What is wrong with me! Well, in my defense I do have an 8 month old that has just discovered crawling and is getting or trying to get into all kinds of trouble! In the middle of it all I have been creating awesome cards, and Halloween crafts...don't worry I will share as soon as I find my camera! I think the little one hid it from me so I stop snapping so many pictures of him!

Oh and I have also been working with my daughter Rio on ideas for her next costume...yes my perfect children love Halloween too! I have busted out my face painting supplies and created a couple of characters. So far we have a Galactica Rio, a Leopardess Rio, and a Comic Book face Rio, but I think so far my favorite is the Galactica Rio. What do you think?

Only 90 days till Halloween! Woot woot! I better get cracking! Any one have old Halloween pictures to share? Please do!


Sweet Momiji said...

Each one looks awesome! You are great at that!

Sweet Momiji said...

I have left something for you on my blog! Go check it out! :)


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