Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ghost of Halloween past....

Omg! Halloween can't come fast enough! Of course now that I have half the house ready with decs and stuff, I had to pull out my Halloween pictures from last year! Are these not awesome or what? I love the one of my husband trying to creep us out. He gets us every year! I hate getting scared, yeah I know for someone that loves Halloween so much I shouldn't be scared right? I missed a lot of Halloween activities last year because I was as big as a pumpkin with Jude in my belly, but this year watch out! I am going to every Haunted House I can, I am going to Knott's Scary Farm at least twice! Oh, and this year our party will be a bumpin'! I am trying to get my husband to agree to do a mini haunted maze in our empty lot next to our house! We will see, October is usually extremely cold up here in the mountains!

Check out my creations from last year! I loved the make up on Rio my 11 year old. My son looked so creepy too because his hair flopped over the mask. It looks as if the mask has a wig on it, but it really si my son's hair! Oh and why isn't there a picture of me? Like I said big as a Pumpkin! No way! Jude, wasn't born yet, he came a month later early, but in March I did manage to "dress" him up!

Jude 4 months old in March

Christian as Sid from SlipKnot

Chris as Jason/Dead Pirate

Rio my little Dead Prom Queen, doesn't look 10 does she? She's 11 now but still!

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Sweet Momiji said...

Hahahaha!!! OMG! That is hilarious!! I had to read it to my sister and we were both cracking up! LOL

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