Friday, January 1, 2010

Special Christmas Gift for Rio...

Okay so as you can all see, I love Kimmies stamps, funky stamps and off beat characters and Halloween right?  Well, my Rio is no different!  She loves to stamp with me and loves funky skirts and outfits.  So, this Christmas I wanted something really special for her... so I contacted Annie Rodrigue the artist of the Moonlight Whispers of Kimmies Stamps and asked her to design a new stamp for me.  A special one to resemble or represent Rio.  She made this awesome stamp of my Rio!  Isn't she just adorable!  What I love more than anything is that it is one of a kind and not for sale anywhere else!  A stamp just for Rio!  Is that not awesome!!?? I just love the skullies, the books (Rio is the biggest bookworm), the hair!  I sent her the bottom picture of Rio to go by, didn't she do a marvelous job!?


LORi said...

Holy Moly Betty...HOW stinkin' COOL!!! Congrats Rio!!!!!!

Hugs - LORi

Hella said...

that stamp was totally rockin!! :)
but I really wish she was "for sale" as a stamp ;)

Love your style!!

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