Friday, January 22, 2010

OMG! Look at what we woke up to!

This storm is just amazing!  I have been in Big Bear Lake, CA for seven years now, and I have seen snow storms... but this one takes the cake!  We are buried in!

This is on Thursday morning...
Okay here is the front way in and out of the house, you can see my fence out there right?  A little bit of it anyway... and you can still see the hose and most of the side of the house between the floor and the roof...

The BBQ with a nice marshmallow mount!

This is my deck... you can still see the railing, my picnic table and chairs and lots of build                       up on the rails right...

Okay now this morning here is the BBQ and the way out to the deck from my living room door...that mountain is the BBQ!

My picnic table and chairs are somewhere under that snow

You can no longer see my fence out front that sits from floor to the top rail about 4.5 ft!

The front door exit, well not an exit right now eh?

And last night during the biggest part and heaviest of the snow fall... this crazy man riding his bike to and from work... yes ladies and gentlemen that is my husband!!

Crazy eh?  I swear if the diabetes doesn't kill me the stress from him riding his bike in the snow storms will!!

Well, off to find a snow removal technician, yes that is what they like to be called up here. LOL!!


Jenn K said...

Oh my goodness Betty!! WOW!! When we lived up there I was alway's told that about every 7 years there is a HUGE snow storm...funny thing is the year we moved up there was that 7 year mark. We were snowed in for a week and had no power for part of it! Stay warm and safe and tell that CRAZY man of yours to be safe too!! Hugs, JennK

Nancy said...

omg!!!! You are burried in SNOW!!! And your DH is one crazy fella. I didn't even know that bikes would go in snow. Does he use chains on his tires? LOL!!!!I know back home we always had to go to school in snow storms. They would just put chains on the adays the kids never go to your pics girl...they are AWESOM!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

O M G!!!~that is soooo much snow!!,,I bet it's soooo cold!!!,,,i don't know how you do it girly!!,,,i would die!!! but it looks real pretty!!!

Ann said...

oh my Betty your photos are amazing. Haven't seen snow like that for years and years. Sheesh keep warm and safe.

Ann xxx

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