Friday, January 1, 2010

Is it time to dye?

I used to hate, hate, hate that my hair was naturally curly.  I would spend about four hours a day straightening it!  It's to my waist when curly straightened it's about two inches longer!  So, it would just take forever!  When I met my husband and he told me how much he looooved the curls I stopped!  Now I am facing grey hair at 35!  Not just a few here and there either!  I mean big silver streaks!  I have been asked where I got my streaks done, and I have to fess up that it's just my natural grey!  It is starting to make me feel a bit self conscious about it!  Again, my husband says leave it you are always getting compliments, but I just feel sooo old!  What's all of your opinions?  Should I dye it or should I let it be-natural!?

This is also a good picture of me at the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions is to lose 75 lbs. (I want to be healthy again, like in my cheerleading days)!  Wish me luck!

Lot's of grey eh?


Sweet Escape said...

oooohhh!!!,,,I love, love the grey streaks!!,,i don't think you should change it at all!!!~i love it!!

tina said...

I think you should keep it! I also have naturally curly hair but it's MUCH kinkier. Dh loves it long, too :)

LORi said...

Oh Betty Girl..I saw keep it!! It is beautiful natural highlights...Lucky you!! Your hair and pics are gorgeous!! And I am right there with you on the losing poundage this year.

Sweet Momiji said...

Your hair is gorgeous just the way it is!! I can believe you would straighten it!?!?! You must have great patience! :)

Summerthyme Studio said...

You are Beautiful just the way you are!!!! Just Gorgeous! Don't change anything!


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