Monday, May 17, 2010

The Pink Elephant # 67

Happy Monday all... it's always Happy Monday cause it's The Pink Elephant Time!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!  The Pink Elephant is dear to me because it has brought me to some wonderful ladies!  It was my first DT blog, and Lori was just the best from the get go... THANK YOU LORI for this fun opportunity, I am loving every minute of it!

OMG I totally goofed the sketch Challenge!  I am so sorry ladies, in my defense I am now going on 4 hours sleep in the past 48 hours!  Please check out the fabulous job the rest of the Pink Elephant Team has prepared for you!  And here is what I was supposed to do as far as my sketch was concerned!  

Well, I kinda got it somewhat like the sketch... I used stripes!  Hee hee.  The Designer paper is my own, I tinkered with that in Illustrator as well.  The only thing that I didn't create my self is the bow which is from JoAnns, the metal ring from Making Memories, and that's it.  I made everything else my self!  Amazing what a little tinkering can get ya to accomplish sometimes!

I am so sorry I have been so distant and MIA lately!  There is lots to do before the debut of Simply Betty Stamps!  I have been working hard to get everything up and running, and I am doing it all on my own.  I have even tinkered with Illustrator and created my own Badge!  You can grab it on the Simply Betty Stamps blog here.  Okay, so here is the last that will debut June 1st, and with any luck and time being my friend... maybe a new line will arise, but don't hold me to it as I have been drawing like a maniac only to find my self in frustrating situations since I have no idea on how to work my own Illustrator and Photoshop, but I have learned a lot and my good friends Lori, Jen, and Annie have given me great pointers!  Thank you gals soooo much!  All I needed was a bit of a push I think.  Jen's awesome husband is the one that colored my Betty image on the badge... THANK YOU CHRIS!!  Jen is actually responsible for some encouragement as well as I was so inspired by her Wild Flower Kids, check them out here!  That was an awesome surprise!  Mrs. Lori gave me that extra push to get this done and I can only image that she felt like I did when she released her Puddle Jumpers, you can check those cuties out here at Die Cuts R Us!

I have truly been blessed with the support of many... starting of course with my family!  Lisa my partner in crime during those "moments" while scrapbooking!  Christopher my husband for driving me around when I need supplies so that I can catch some zzzzz in the car!  Christopher my ex-husband (nope not a typo, both important men in my life the ex and the current are Christophers) for always believing in me and supporting me as well!  Well, I could go on and on, but I know you all have other things to do!  Thanks for stopping by and please look out for fun information, the online shop opening, and other tid bits here and there about Simply Betty Stamps!


Kristy Young said...

The papers look fabulous betty you clever gal! And I WANT THIS STAMP TOO!!! Hurry up June 1st! LOL
Off to check out simpply betty stamps blog.
Kristy xx
P.s so proud of you good on you for following your dream, your doing a fabulous job so far.

Scrappychick said...

Betty, the card is close enough sweetie! LOVE the new image!! Keep playing with your Illustrator I'm sure it will all come together:) Congrats again and looking forward to June 1st!

DonnaMundinger said...

ady, you are one amazingly talented chick! the card is adorable and your images are out of this world! A big congrats to you and best of luck on your new venture. Can't wait! xxD

Sandra said...

Gorgeous card... Simply Betty stamps ROCK!
Sandra x

Silvia said...

Betty, I'm falling in love with all these images. They are so cool! And best of all, they are so fun to color. Thanks for letting us play with them!!!

Alicia Garcia said...

Yay Betty! I am so looking forward to seeing these in person! I'm already making my list, my friend! LOL

Check you out...<3
Knock 'em out!

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