Saturday, January 21, 2012

9 months!

Sadly no, I am not pregnant!  But in 9 months it will be HALLOWEEN!  YAY!!!

I have been watching The Munsters all day with my DD today, she has giggled non stop!  She had never seen the episodes and today thanks to Netflix we found the episodes on instant play!  

So, since yesterday for my crop night I worked on Christmas and listened to Jewel... today we watched the Munsters and I worked on this past Halloween night pictures!

I used Pincone Press Halloween paper, and one from Prima... it is all at least three-two years old!  I really need to start plucking away at all my paper!  it's a ridiculous amount!  I hardly use it too since I am usually trying to move the papers I have in stock along with my stamps.  This weekend we have had tables, chairs, and ott lights set up in the living room.  Cricut, Slice, Spellbinders, and Sizzix in the kitchen.  Even the printer has been brought into the living room for journaling!  I have been scrapbooking!  Can you believe that!  I am so caught up in my next release (previews start Feb. 4th) that I have actually had prints ordered and started working on them instead of just throwing them in their photo boxes... YAY!!


Here are a few close up shots to show just a little bit of detail.


I love how the name tags turned out, just a little bit of twine, stamp from Inkadinkadoo, and a Raindrop from Cloud does anyone remember
Cloud 9?!  LOL

Well hope you enjoyed that.  This canvas is ready for my Halloween wall, which I should try to remember to take a picture of and share it here!  Maybe tomorrow, too much crafty time since Friday has be worn out!  BUT!  the crafty fun still continues tomorrow, as I mentioned I have set it all up for the whole weekend!  I plan on getting some stuff done!  Have a great rest of your weekend bloggy friends!

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