Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Zombies are loose!

It's release day!  WHootWhoot!

These cuties are loose and running a muck!  All over blog land and spreading their Happy Zombie Halloween spirits!  It's release day and these Zombies need a good home, box, card, paper project, or just about anything fun and exciting!  Before you head on over to snatch them up from SimplyBettyStamps.com check out our last three Zombie Teen Halloween crew!

BoPeep Lola, skipping along collecting all her Clark Bars, Clark's Fingers and Clark's Brains!  Ewwww right?  Wrong!  It's humorous and cute in a weird kinda way!  LOL
I sure wish I could find some tights like that!

Here comes the Zombie Bride Betty!  She sure looks like she's ready to "dig" into her goodies!  Her face is classic no?

This is one of my favorite images!  Dino Christian!  My 17 year old Christian loooves this Dino Zombie version of himself.  He keeps begging me to make him this costume!  I love how he is 17 but would still dress like this!  I think it's what all those little girls chasing him like, his down to earth goofy humor!

I love Zombies...well the more cute and fake ones!  I always tell my kids I love the to bits, but if we are ever caught in a Zombie Apocalypse I will do everything in my power to save you all, but if you trip or fall I am sorry babies but Momma got to go!  So don't fall or I will leave you behind! LOL

I hope you enjoyed the last two days of Zombies!  I sure had a blast coloring and creating them.  Head on over to the Simply Betty Stamps blog for discounts, information and more eye candy from my DT gals, and please leave them some lovin'!  Thank you all for stopping by!


PinkBlingCrafter said...

WOW!! what a fun card!! Love all the color and great job!! TFS

Chelle said...

Always love your cards and images.

Gina said...

Great cards, I LOVE your Zombie bride!

Sammibug said...

Fun card! Love the colors you chose!

Alex said...

Love the Zombie release and YAY Christian! All about the costume and Halloween, keep having fun your entire life kiddo! :)

callyannc said...

I love love love these! Too cute! TFS CallyAnn

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