Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Scott!

He does look great doesn't he?  I finally got back into my groove and threw in some black, skulls and splats!  Who says Easter has to be so Pastel-ish!  Beside the green is pretty pastel!  It's about as pastel as I want to get really!  Ha!

The part I like about this the most is that I used only one Patterned paper, the rest was done with stamps!  The splats are from Tim Holtz of course, and the little skullies are...oh my I have no idea!  Sorry I got that stamp ages ago and have no clue where!  The clay Neon Green Skullies are from Creepy Glow Bug... she has one heck of an Etsy shop check it out here.


Jamie said...

I think this card is absolutely adorable. Great Job!!

Carol said...

Great job with Scott! He is too handsome! TFS

...just Barbara said...

I love those skulls on this card and how most of the card is black - it's a great Easter card for those not-so-festive. ;D The splatter paper rocks!

Kerry said...

Wicked cute, he's the coolest bunny ever! :)

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