Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Son's 1st day of work!

It's sad and exciting to watch your children grow... sad because they are growing and excited because of the very same reason.  I can't believe my 17 year old has his first job, of course back in the day we started to work at a much younger age.  I remember being 14, and my first job was Weinerschnitzel.  I got paid $4.25 an hour, he started at $10.50 an hour!  I would go straight from High School to work... it was just down the street from my school so it was really awesome.  I had fresh chili fries almost everyday!  Of course they caught up to me after my first child pictured here below!  Looking at him you would never guess that he can whoof down three chili cheese fries a large milk shake and a double double all in 10 minutes!  Boys!  He will be working at the Ski Resort where my husband does his EMT work.  Christian will be working in the Little Bear School department helping with the ski and snowboard lessons for children under the age of 10.  He loves working with kids, so this is right up his alley.  Jude loves his big brother and kept looking for him all day today... kept saying "Chi Chi?  Mommy chi chi, where go?"  He's been home for three weeks on vacation and hanging out with him so he missed his big brother today!

 So.. what my point was on this post was how exciting and sad being a mom can be... of course the excitement along with love and happiness over powers the sad.  Here's my big man in his uniform, and staff ID card!


Rosa Witten said...

Congratulations Christian!

Betty Boo! said...

Thank you Rosa he is excited... not as excited as I am cause now I can say..."What you want me to drive you to your girlfriend's house? $20 bucks for gas sucka!" Hee hee!


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