Monday, January 10, 2011

Help for Katie...

Help For Katie

I have copied and pasted this from Debbie's blog... As a mother of three myself, I can't tell you how sad this makes me, to know that a mother, or anyone really is going through pain and hardships.  As Debbie says, crafters are some of the most amazing people out there.  We are all caring, unselfish and will pull together for each other no matter what.  Even when you don't know each other.  It's a nice tight circle of friendships that can reach across the world.  Please spread the word and help Katie and her family. 

 Katie Emmerson Renz is married to Kevin and they have 3 beautiful boys - the twins Nate & Will aged 5 and Hunter aged 10. The family had some news just before Christmas that has rocked their world as they know it.

Katie has been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer and is currently undergoing her only option which is Chemotherapy. As I mentioned before Katie is a fellow crafter and is much loved within the crafting community - you can read Katie's story on her own blog HERE  - but before you leave me to visit Katie I want you to check this out....

Jak Heath has done an amazing job lining up some fantastic artists to help with an appeal - Help for Katie. We are collecting to help with Katie's treatment and to give her lovely boys a treat too. Listed on Jak's Blog HERE is all of the digital designs that you will get for donating £15 (approx AU$D23.50/ US$23.30) - you will see you will receive far more in goods value than your £15 donation. The link to make the donation is there too.

They are also offering these prizes....

* Letraset have donated a full set of 148 markers over £200 (~US$310) in value.
* Paper Temptress has donated 5 Silver Lustre Packages and 1x $25 Gift Voucher

Every time a donation is made they will be entered into a draw for the prizes, if you donate twice you will get 2 chances to win one of the prizes. The draw for the prizes will be made on February the 10th

Katie and her Family would like to say a very special thank you to all of the artists that gave up their time to help make this happen.

These are the companys that have freely given their artwork for this cause- their names are linked to their sites if you'd like to visit them.

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Thanx soooo much for passing this on Betty - you are such a gem!

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