Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knott's Scary Farm!

What a night!  It's the second time we hit Knott's Scary Farm, but this time we had a group of 10!  It was totally awesome!  So much to see, so much screaming... my voice is super raspy today!  LOL  I had the pleasure of being in between my husband Christopher and my ex husband Christopher (yep both Christophers no typo) during the haunted mazes!  So I was semi-covered!  But the ghosts, goblins, monsters, and dead people can smell fear!  So they would single me out every now and again.  Of course they singled out my daughter Rio, her friend Meghan and my friend Lyndsie!  The three of them were so cute huddle together at every maze, and then would scream all together as if in sync!  It was like stereo surround sound at times!  Those girls have a set of lungs boy!  Here are some really awesome pictures we took.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures we really had a blast!

Rio and Steampunk Ghoul

Me and the same Steampunk Ghoul! I still have a little extra maternal tissue but I am working on it! LOL

My ex-husband Christopher to the right and his friend Sam with one of the clowns stomping around scaring people half to death with his horn! 

Same clown, with Rio my daughter and her friend Meghan.

 Lyndsie, Meghan and Rio waiting for Inferno.  A super cool fire dancers, they did really awesome stuff with fire torches, fire hula-hoops, all sorts of fun fire stuff!

Turned out that Sam my ex-husband's friend is a good friend of one of the dancers from Inferno so the kids got to meet the cast... That big kid with the goofy smile in between the two dancers to the left... is my husband!  I let him slide this one time with the sexy girls lol!

Now the ex-husband with the sexy girls.. I am so telling his wife!  LOL Isn't it funny... both the ex and the current are Christophers but they are so different!  Guess our tastes change as we grow... Christopher #1 was during my rock and roll days and I was very young.  Christopher #2 is more mellow and slow and family oriented... not that the first one isn't but he's still very comfortable being alone more than surrounded by family all the time!  

This vampire lady followed Rio for 10 minutes!  Finally Rio said, "Okay mom take a picture so she leaves me alone and see's I am not scared anymore!"  Aren't the costumes just rad!?

Traivs with the same Steampunk Ghoul!  He was so funny, he would put the dead head he was carrying around in your face and make kissy noises!  He wanted you to kiss the head!  He was on stilts too so super tall and would come out of nowhere!

The kids waitin for the show from left to right: Rio mydaughter, her friends Meghan and Lynsdie, Travis is Meghan's brother and a complete fun fool to be around, my son's girlfriend Paige, and my son Christian.  The six of them had such a blast it made it super fun for me and the rest of the adults!

Not bad for a night out with the kids eh?  Super fun stuff.  We still have to check out Magic Mountain's Fright Fest!  Woot woot!  I can't wait.  Too bad the little one is still to small for all this fun!


Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Betty - looks like you all had an AMAZING night!!!! Sooo many smiles - amongst the screams - LOL. Nice to see your gorgeous hubby (Chris #2) in a pic too now I've met him - but where were YOU my friend - LOL

Nicole said...


We went to the haunted house at Universal and I was terrified. My mom kept screaming and making my daughter scream! I was with my oldest son and we were tough! My husband had Liam, at the time 6 and they were really good about not jumping, screaching or grabbing at him.

No really, I do want to come live with you.

Betty Boo! said...

There I am Debbie! I forgot to add one! Hee hee

Betty Boo! said...

Nicole... get on it! We have an empty lot right next door that belongs to us too we will build a super duper fun scraproom/ guest house! LOL

Eulanda said...

That looks like so much fun Betty!! Wish all us DT gals lived nearby!!

LINDA said...

Betty thanks for sharing these photos.. Looks like all of you had a wonderful time..I wish I lived close enough to go with you.
Hugs, Linda

Lisa Hjulberg said...

OMGosh, I would have lost my mind! I hate being scared. But I know you had a BLAST, and I'm so glad!!!

Incipient Wings said...

wow! looks like you had a lot of fun!!!! it's so nice that youre still friends with your ex-husband.
and dont be silly! you look great:)

Andrea C said...

OMG I wish we had something like that it looked amazing. Your kids and are gorgeous and your hubby looks so sweet. It was great of you to share these pics, looks like you all had such a ball x

Alison said...

What great pictures! It looks like you all had such a fab time! And how wonderful that the 2 Christophers can spend time together!

Rosa Witten said...

Wow! Looks like you all had a great time, I would have been soooo scared. :)

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