Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween is a comin'!

However, here at casa De Roberts it has already begun!  Tonight was our second weekend, 3rd Annual Halloween Haunted Forest Maze!  My husband, my kids, and I are big Halloween fanatics!  Every year we have a party, but the last three years we combined it with a Haunted Maze in our back yard!  All the kids at the High School and at the Middle School that know my kids flock over here on Halloween night and weekends before the big day to walk through our Haunted Forest Maze!  It's a free maze for the community to enjoy.  Our neighbors know that during October to put their plugs in on weekends!   They all make sure to come through the maze at least once too... each year they scream their heads off!  

So, let me show you some of the make-up I do on the kids to prepare for this...

Here is my son Christian.  With some latex, face paints, and messing up his hair I can do this in 15 minutes flat now!  What's really cool is that, that really is his wild hair and he can actually move the jaw and upper mouth because it's not a mask that you slip on.

Here are my crazy Rag dolls.  The belong in our Doll Factory... it's haunted with all the dolls Rio has abandoned.  I love making them up to look this creepy!

My kooky husband lost his head!  Imagine this coming toward you in the dark and instead of the top head talking the one being held in the middle is the one talking!  LOL my husband is 6'2" then the costume adds about another 6-8 inches!  

Close up!

This is just my Puhrty fireplace with all my puhrty Pun-kins!

And the scariest of them all!  This is my Jude... he is 23 months old.  He was sooo funny tonight, the boys would growl and slide on the ground to scare people and he would do the same!  He is such a brave little guy doesn't faze him!  Too cute, then as the guests are leaving he says, "Bye bye Q Q! The Q Q  means Thank you!  It's so cute, I have to get that on tape!  He also ran around tonight and yesterday singing "Mamamaa Maish!" It's the Monster Mash he is trying to sing!  Soo cute!  My little guy!

There is so much more to come next weekend too!  It's the big Halloween Weekend woot woot!  See you all soon hope you enjoyed the pictures of my fun night with my family!


Rosa Witten said...

Betty you all are soooo much fun! I wish I was your neighbor, have fun!!!

Debbie Pamment said...

Hahahahaha - AMAZING!!! Love to go THIS crazy - hmmmm - maybe I'll show you my house at CHRISTMAS - I even have reindeer in the bathroom - LOL

Loopylou!! said...

oh they look fab betty!!! what fun! huge hugs Lou xxx

Tracy said...

Sooo fun!!!

quilt4fun2 said...

Nice pictures of how you do Halloween at your house...great job on the pumpkins too.
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW, is this ever Cool!!!! Wish I could visit and be scared out of my mind! xxD

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