Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A SIMPLY Amazing Blog Hop

WOWIE... have I got something special to share with you all.  Today as I was getting ready to head out and rub my errands I got a text message from Lisa, one of my dearest friends.  She texts me "Take a look at Eulanda's blog. You've got to see this."  SO I stop applying my make up, I was about half way through.  I ran over to Eulanda's blog and it took me a moment to get it.  It was a blog hop... I thought, "Oh good grief I goofed, I forgot about a hop and I am so screwed, I totally suck at this!"  But wait I hadn't set a blog hop for today and it's for Simply Betty... not the shop, or the blog or anything but ME simply ME Betty!  

Was that the most wonderful surprise or what!!!  OMG I was so touched, tears started streaking down my face!  I had to redo my whole make up cause as I hoped along as saw all the beautiful creations the gals from Simply Betty Stamps, Simply Betty Challenges, and The Burtonesque Dolls put together I was just so emotional and over joyed!  Eulanda put the whole thing together and all the gals participated and I am just so thankful.... and I know I am rambling and there are more than usual run-on sentences (one of my husbands peeves with me) but I am just sooooo excited and happy!  

Please check out the whole Blog hop starting here with Eulanda!  You are in for a treat!  I sure was it was like Halloween Morning and the Great Pumpkin had arrived!

Here is the complete blog hop order too for your viewing and hoping pleasure:

Have fun everyone I sure did!  Please leave my gals a comment they did such an amazing job!!


Andrea C said...

you are a much loved and adored member of the crafty/bloggy world and rightly so, you totaly deserve it, aren't they the sweetest and my did they do fantastic work! x

Debbie Pamment said...

It was such a pleasure to make your day - and such a fun way to let you know how much you mean to us all - soo glad you enjoyed it - Eulanda did an amazing job setting it all up in only a few days!

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