Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More "Munsters" hit the beach areas...

Chris Munster has been spotted taking five, although I don't think he's wanting to share his treat with the beach "locals"!

Isn't he just the coolest?  

Skin: E13, E51, E50
Cheeks: R02
Shorts: E40, E42, E34
Hair: N3, N5, N7, N9
Segull beek and Hawaiin Shirt: YR12, YR16, YR18
Greens on shirt: YG03, YG23
Skulls and Seagull "whites": C3
Glasses and Sandals: B24, B26, B29
Bowl: R24, R27, R89
Bananas: Y02, Y06
Mint Ice Cream: G20, G03
Strawberry Ice Cream: R32, R35
Chocolate Sauce: E23, E27


Scrap Vamp said...

What a fantastic card! Love him!

Corinne said...

Oh so WONDERFUL, love the way you let us know the colors of Copic markers you are using.. THANK you for that! Maybe it will help me grow up to be like you one day! Fantastic Coloring, wonderful card..

Jovan said...

AWESOME the layout and papers!

Yesenia ( yesy) said...

todas tus creaciones preciosas me vas a tener que dar muchos tips jejeje

...just Barbara said...

LOL - I LUV the movie reference!! Great twine on there too. :D

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