Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ella's Pink Scrapbook - Challenge #2

It is time for a Scrap Make-Over!  You all know how it was when we first started scrapbooking... stickers, markers, maybe a little bit of ribbon or string?  And that was like wow!  Well now you can VAVAVA-VOOM! with all that is available to us!  SO... think of the possibilites!  I took one of my now 16 year old son's baby layouts and WHAMED IT!

Before: very simple and clean.  Hardly any embellishments and just a few string.  The tearing has been around for a long time though!  LOL!  The feet are embossed with embossing powder, and that was the extent of my wow factor back then. Very basic "journaling" in Calligraphy marker.

After: Wham!  I wanted to make sure everyone saw it so I made it into another Canvas scrap page!  I also had to use new pictures because in the old days... you would be so worried about the pictures falling that you would Gorilla glue the photos!  I tried pulling one of these little puppies out, and it tore :(.  The sad thing is that these are the ONLY baby photos I have of my 16 year old.  So the other two that I did manage to pull off and not tear (but they came off pretty thin) I locked away in a vault!  Okay okay enough blah blah blah...

 The Paper is from Fancy Pants as well as the paper accents. More colors and a mix of designer papers.  Cardboard pieces glazed, crystals, frills, mesh, and chipboard.  I would have never thought Crystals for a baby boy... but when I put them down to see how it would look I really fell in love with it!  I also took one of my favorite songs from Disney's Tarzan to replace the so called journaling I did in the previous layout.  I also printed on Velum and distressed the edges of the velum.  The top and bottom pictures are mounted on smaller Canvas pieces then mounted on the larger canvas.  So there you have it my Scrap Make-over!   I just loved the way it turned out!  Hope you all enjoy and get inspired!   

So now let's see your scrap Make-overs!  Head over to the pink elephant for the details and check out the rest of the gangs Scrap Make-overs!  


Jess said...

Love your scrapbook make over! This was such an awesome challenge, I love seeing how things have changed over the years in terms of the style and techniques!

Toucan Scraps said...

sorry you tore that photo - did you keep it? there are folks very clever with photo editing tools that could fix it up for you.

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